Ms. Deon Herndon, ARA

Senior Appraiser,
Rabo AgriFinance LLC

Contact Details

Rabo AgriFinance LLC
4514 Independence Rd
Sunnyside, WA
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Mobile: (509) 830-0653

Area of Expertise

  • Agricultural Commercial Appraising: Farms and Facilities: Agricultural Appraisals: Estate Appraisal: Irrigated Farms: Center Pivots: Orchards: Vineyards-juice and wine: Dairies: Fruit Storage: Potato Facilities: Special Use Buildings: Packing Houses: Warehouses: Cold Storage: Dry Farms: Mint and Mint Facilities: Asparagus: Fruits/Orchards/Vegetables: Row Crops:


Extensive ag appraisal experience in eastern WA. Land types include irrigated row crops/ vegetable crops such as potatoes, onions, beans, asparagus; forage crops such as alfalfa, timothy, silage corn and grain corn; orchards such as apples, pears, cherries; vineyard crops both juice and wine grapes, specialty crops such as spearmint. Additional experience in dry cropland in the non-irrigated acres are Eastern WA. I hold an BS degree in AG Econ. from the University of Idaho and became an accredited member of ASFMRA in 1990. I have been a member of ASFMRA for 40 years.

Primary Occupation

  • Appraiser


  • Appraiser