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Empowering, educating and supporting all agricultural professionals.


The ASFMRA is the premier association for rural property professionals, focused on advancing the standards of the disciplines we represent by

  • Empowering members through accreditation, professional advancement and ethics
  • Educating agricultural professionals with best-in-class instruction, delivery and course development utilizing practical applications and experience
  • Supporting membership through networking, public policy awareness and promoting public trust in our professions



ASFMRA values ethical and professional service - ultimately holding the disciplines we represent to a higher standard.


ASFMRA is the conduit through which our members learn, maintain standards of professional service and ultimately advance their careers.


ASFMRA connects members to a network of trusted and respected colleagues, providing expanded opportunities for professional and personal growth. 

About the ASFMRA

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers® (ASFMRA®) is the largest professional association for rural property land experts, boasting over 2100 members in 31 chapters throughout the United States. Over 40 percent of ASFMRA’s members hold a designation as an Accredited Farm Manager (AFM), Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA), Real Property Review Appraiser (RPRA) or Accredited Agricultural Consultant (AAC). 

The ASFMRA was founded in 1929 and the average member has been part of the organization for over 17 years. Our Farm Managers and Agricultural Consultants are in strong demand, with over 40 percent of farmland in the United States currently being rented. Our Farm Managers and Agricultural Consultants on average manage 55 to 75 farms, consisting of 14,000 to 20,000 acres. They also have influence over more than just the farms they manage as a typical professional farm manager will work with a farm operator who is farming additional land. Farm Managers and Consultants typically work with 50 to 70 landowners, family members and their beneficiaries. Our Farm Managers and Consultants have influence on input and other production and marketing decisions on acreage representing millions of dollars.

The ASFMRA’s Appraisers and Review Appraisers represent individuals who have taken additional training beyond what is required, in order to gain specialized expertise in appraising rural and agricultural properties. Many of them are familiar with complex appraisal situations including eminent domain, conservation easements as well as appraising poultry facilities, grain elevators, wind farms, dairies, greenhouses and vineyards. When you utilize an ASFMRA trained appraiser or review appraiser know that they have been trained on the most up-to-date technologies and methodologies associated with valuation.

The ASFMRA truly represents The Most Trusted Rural Property Professionals and is the organization for individuals who provide management, consultation, and valuation services, as well as real estate services on rural and agricultural assets. The land experts who hold membership in the ASFMRA work under a professional code of ethics, which includes continuing education requirements. You can rest assured that if you’re working with someone who is an accredited member of the Society, you are truly working with a competent land expert and agricultural professional who can assist you with all of your property, land and asset needs.