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In 2018, our team had been investing individually in farmland for over a decade. Because of our backgrounds in agriculture, we knew about farmland’s appeal — historically strong returns with low volatility — but recognized that the high cost of entry and the burden of farm management kept farmland inaccessible to the average investor. At the same time, we saw an opportunity to provide farmers with innovative routes to capital for expansion. Using our combined experience in finance, tech, and agriculture, we created the first easy way to invest directly in quality farmland and support the business of farming.

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Bayer CropScience
Bayer CropScience is a global modern agriculture company. We develop products and tools to help farmers around the world grow crops while using energy, water, and land more efficiently. We believe innovation has the potential to bring humanity’s needs in balance with the resources of our planet.
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LIA offers products for professional liability (E&O), bonds, general liability, cyber, health coverage and more. They provide their clients with not only insurance protection but also education in risk management and liability prevention.
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MapRight (now Land id) is an interactive mapping tool meant for anyone with a vested interest in land. We now have clients in almost all 50 states in industries such as land brokerage, ranch brokerage, lenders, surveyors, appraisers, land developers, forestry companies and many other industries. Our program allows users to:
  • Choose from one of six different high resolution aerials
  • Click from any aerial view to view the Topo on any property
  • Create mailer lists with a few clicks of a button!
  • Extended property information is now available throughout the US!
  • Use our mobile apps (IOS and Android) in the field that link to your desktop account
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is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics providing high-quality seeds to farmers around the world.  With business operations in more than 90 countries, Pioneer sells high-quality corn, soybeans, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa, canola, wheat, rice, cotton, pearl millet and mustard seed, as well as forage additives and a variety of services and expertise. 
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ASFMRA Preferred Partner 2023 LogoASFMRA Preferred Partners are organizations that support ASFMRA through sponsorship and exhibiting.  They want to be top-of-mind when ASFMRA members are looking at products and services to help them with their farm management, ag consulting and rural appraisal needs. Moreover, they want to be known as the strongest supporters of education and excellence among buyers in their respective fields.

Become an ASFMRA Preferred Partner today and receive special recognition at ASFMRA National Events, on the ASMFRA website and mobile app, and the right to use the ASFMRA Preferred Partner logo in promotional materials. 

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