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American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
720 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 360-S
Glendale, CO 80246

TEL: (303) 758-3513
FAX: (303) 758-0190

The ASFMRA staff in Denver is here to help you! Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our normal business hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm MT Monday through Friday.

If you are not certain who to contact, please feel free to use any of these departments and your e-mail will be forwarded to the correct staff member: 

Brian StockmanBrian Stockman
Executive Vice President and CEO

Direct line: 303-692-1211

Brian is responsible for governance, strategic planning and managing the day-to-day activities of the staff. He works directly with the Executive Council to ensure that the goals, vision and mission of the Society are being met. He is responsible for performance, growth and development of ASFMRA staff as well as maintaining and growing the Society to ensure its future success.

Contact Brian with any issues related to governance, strategy or staff.




Mya SadlerMya Sadler
Director of Education and Accreditation

Direct line: 303-692-1224

Mya manages the Education department staff and coordinates with instructors and course developers to achieve an excellent student experience. This includes coordination of education development and delivery as well as managing content and quality of classroom materials, member records, and the accreditation processes. Mya interacts with the Education and Accreditation Committees and acts as a liaison between staff, volunteers and the Executive Council.

Contact Mya if you have questions in regards to educational offerings, the education staff or have suggestions for new seminars or other course offerings.



Deanna IlkDeanna Ilk
State Certification and Continuing Education Coordinator

Direct line: 303-692-1222

Deanna coordinates Qualifying and Continuing Education credit and obtains approvals from the Appraisal Qualification Board (AQB), state appraisal and real estate broker approval offices, and other approval offices as required. Deanna tracks member Continuing Education Credits to include ethics requirements of the Society, and notifies members as to their CE status.

Contact Deanna if you need to register for a course or meeting, need assistance entering your CEU credits online or have questions about what will qualify for continuing education credits. You can also contact Deanna if you need to get a class approved, have questions about becoming an appraiser, or need a replacement QE or CE certificate.


Michael Taft Michael Taft
Online Education Manager

Direct Line: 303-692-1215

 Michael is ASFMRA's online education architect.  He plans and produces all of our online education materials and courses. 

Michelle Guszak Michelle Guszak
Education and Accreditation Specialist

Direct Line: 303-692-1225

Michelle is the point of contact for chapter meetings; AFM Accreditation; National course offerings.

Brian SheppelmanBrian Sheppelman
Director of Finance and Administration

Direct line: 303-692-1213

Brian is responsible for administering the accounting department, and ensuring that the Society is in compliance with its fiduciary responsibilities. Brian is responsible for financial management, monthly and year-end financial statements and audits, reports, analysis, budgeting and ASFMRA banking relationships. Brian also manages human resources reporting, record keeping, as well as benefits and insurance program administration.

Contact Brian in regards to accounts payable, receivables and other accounting questions for either the Education Foundation of the ASFMRA or the Society.

Alex ClarkAlex Clark
Director of Membership, Marketing and Communications

Direct line: 303-692-1227

Responsible for developing and managing efforts to grow the internal and external markets with the goal of retaining and growing membership, increasing meeting and class attendance and retaining and growing corporate partnerships.  Oversees the Association brand and public relations in the marketplace ensuring it is consistent and reputable. Also oversees the membership, marketing and communications staff. 


Hope S. EvansHope S. Evans
Membership Coordinator

Direct line: 303-692-1216

Hope coordinates all aspects of membership including applications, records, payment, incentive programs, membership retention, the membership database, and recruitment coordination. Hope also has oversight of Appraisal Review and Ethics records, Bylaws, Council and Board minutes, and the Education Foundation.

Contact Hope if you have questions about joining ASFMRA, renewing your membership, paying your annual dues, changing your contact information, referring a member, serving on a committee or donating to the Education Foundation. Hope should also be contacted in regards to any Ethics issues, including court testimony relating to another member of the Society.

Kendra ZimmerKendra Zimmer
Part-time Executive Assistant

Direct Line: 303-692-1226

The Executive Assistant provides support to the Executive Vice President/CEO of the Society.
Contact the Executive Assistant with questions in regards to the Executive Council.

st6PzWbHSheGmz90bJgM_temp-T.jpgAndrew Eames
Part-Time Content Coordinator
Direct Line: 303-692-1210

The content coordinator is responsible for the management of ASFMRA’s social media presence as well as the publication of Ag News, Student News and YPN News.  They are also in charge of the monthly Member Spotlight and assists with the website and Chapter microsites.