Education Foundation


Who We Are

The Education Foundation of the ASFMRA was established in 1984 to build an investment for the future of the appraisal, farm management and consulting industries.  

What We Do

The Education Foundation supports projects and programs that ensure ASFMRA members remain at the forefront of the rural property professions . This includes cooperation among groups, education, communication, leadership development, innovation, the increase of public awareness, knowledge of agriculture and stewardship of resources.

This is achieved through the funding of projects and programs such as:

  • Development of Rural-Focused Courses in:
    • Appraisal
    • Management
    • Consulting
  • Investment in Technology Upgrades and Additions
  • Education Marketing and Communication
  • Promotion of ASFMRA Member Experts
  • Funding for ASFMRA Leadership Training                        
  • Society Public Relations Initiatives

By supporting the Education Foundation, you play a crucial role in advancing rural property and agricultural education. Your involvement not only aids in the professional development of our members but also positions you as a recognized leader in the industry.

Donate today and help fund the education and professional development of land professionals!
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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the ASFMRA's new hybrid learning environment.

1929 Club: Sustaining the Legacy, Growing the Future

The 1929 Club is a new community established by the Education Foundation Legacy Funding Committee to ensure the ongoing excellence of the ASFMRA's education and seminars. Named after our founding year, the 1929 Club signifies our commitment to both honoring our past and building our future.

ASFMRA Student TotalsWhy Join the 1929 Club?

Membership in the 1929 Club directly supports the high-quality education the ASFMRA is known for, helping to manage rising costs while maintaining affordable registration fees for our members. Your contributions address important needs such as course development, instructor training and state approvals — essential elements that course fees alone do not fully cover.

Who Can Join?

The 1929 Club is open to all ASFMRA members, with membership tiers based on your annual contribution. You have the flexibility to adjust your contribution level annually.

When to Contribute

We welcome donations at any time, but early contributions in the fiscal year (beginning October 1) are encouraged to maximize both your impact and recognition.

Your ongoing support as a member of the 1929 Club will fortify the ASFMRA Education Foundation's annual fund, ensuring the continuity and growth of our unparalleled educational offerings. Members will be acknowledged at national ASFMRA events, on our website, and through various communications about the Education Foundation throughout the year.

Join the Club

Your support is crucial in preserving the legacy and building the future of rural property management and valuation. By joining the 1929 Club, you become part of a distinguished group committed to sustaining the high standards of education provided by the ASFMRA. We invite you to make a lasting impact on our industry by contributing today.

Become a 1929 Club Member by Donating Today

Foundation Dollars Allocation

Classes Offered

1929 Club Members

Diamond Members

Mid-South Chapter

Gold Members

George Baird, IV, AFM, AAC
Paul Burgener, AFM
Thomas Coultas, AAC-Retired
Max Evans, AFM, ARA-Retired
Lee Folsom
Ted Glaub, AFM
Richard Hiatt, AFM, ARA
Richard Isaacson, AFM, ARA
Colin McVaugh, ARA
Patterson Appraisal
Paul Reisch, ARA 
Skye Root, AFM, AAC 
Jerry Warner, AFM-Retired

Silver Members

Mark Akers, ARA
Steve Bruere
Donald Cochran, ARA
Timothy Fevold, AFM
Matt Gunderson, AFM
Gwendolyn Gunter
Halderman Farm Management Services
Carolyn Haygood, ARA
Terry Kestner, ARA, RPRA
Jay Luse, AFM, ARA
Stacey Meneses, ARA
Paul Moore, ARA, RPRA
Nebraska Chapter of the ASFMRA
Oklahoma Chapter of the ASFMRA
Tim Pepper, ARA
Mark Peterson, AFM, ARA, AAC
Frank Plessmann, Ph.D.
Corey Prins, AFM
Jim Rothermich, ARA
Brian & Michelle Stockman
Winnie Stortzum, ARA
Anthony 'Tony' Toso, ARA
Juliana Young, ARA

Bronze Members

Jacob Cutler, ARA
Curtis Fix, ARA
Kody Kester
Kary Teagle, ARA