Hybrid Classroom Donors

The ASFMRA's hybrid education classroom will improve the learning experience for both in-person and virtual students, while also making the teaching experience better for instructors. This investment into the Society's hybrid education program is only possible due to donations from our generous members and supporting organizations. Thank you to everyone who has contributed – your donation ensures the Society will continue to provide the best education available for rural property professionals.

Platinum Sponsors

Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

Farmers National Company

Mark Peterson, AFM, ARA, AAC

Gold Sponsors

Hertz Farm Management

Silver Sponsors

Crown Appraisals, Inc.

F. Howard Halderman, AFM

Peoples Company

Bronze Sponsors

David J. Bartlett, ARA

Illinois Chapter of the ASFMRA

Kansas Chapter of the ASFMRA

Northwestern Farm Management

Richard Isaacson, AFM, ARA

Skye Root, AFM, AAC

Stalcup Ag Service, Inc.

Wendell C. Wood, ARA

Yosemite Farm Credit

More Contributors

Anthony 'Tony' Toso, ARA

Boyd L. Harris

Carolyn Haygood, ARA

Chris L. Greenwalt, ARA, RPRA

Douglas Hodge, ARA

Edwards, Lien & Toso Inc.

George E. Baird IV, AFM, AAC

Glaub Farm Management

Herbert Meyer, ARA

Jay Luse, AFM, ARA

Jerry Warner, AFM-Retired

Jim Rothermich, ARA

Juliana E. Young, ARA

Mark A. Williams, ARA

Minnesota Chapter of the ASFMRA

Paul Moore, ARA, RPRA

Paul T. Reisch, ARA

Ray Brownfield, AFM

Richard Edmunds, ARA, AAC

Robb Steinke, ARA, RPRA

Ted L. Glaub, AFM