Sponsorship & Exhibits

Are you interested in getting your products and service in front of over 2,100 rural property experts?  Are you interested in having your products and services in front of key decision makers who have influence over acres and acres of land? 

Get involved with ASFMRA! 

Why participate in ASFMRA conferences?

Gain increased awareness of your organization among ASFMRA members, prospects, industry media, academia and leading agricultural organizations.

Demonstrate your commitment to the agricultural community when you sponsor and/or exhibit at an ASFMRA conference.

Realize a substantial return on your investment by generating high quality leads, forging new contacts, attracting future colleagues and reinforcing existing relationships.

Promote your organization and your brand as an innovative thought leader with this highly specialized audience

ASFMRA Members  -

  •      Can help your organization evaluate new ideas

  •      Are early adopters of new technology, products and services

  •      Are on the cutting-edge of industry knowledge

Participate in the way that suite your organization!

Sponsor an event, exhibit at one of our conferences, advertise on-line and/or sponsor a webinar - better yet, become a Preferred Partner!


Education Week - your opportunity to get your name, your product and your services in front of over 330 key decision-makers.   These individuals, representing the future of ASFMRA come for classes in farm management, ag consulting and  rural valuation.  You can purchase a table-top display or better yet - sponsor a lunch and you receive a table-top display and the opportunity to present for 20 minutes! 

Annual Conference - your opportunity to get your name, your product and your services in front of over 500 key decision-makers, representing the most seasoned industry professionals!  The opportunities to participate are varied and you chose what makes sense for your organization from talk-time, introduction of a speaker, sponsoring beverage tickets, or just having a presence in the exhibit hall - you decide what works best for you!

Access the 2018 Media Kit!
Want to take your sponsorship to the next level?  Learn about being a Preferred Partner!

Contact us at sponsorships@asfmra.org or (303)692-1226 for more information.