Land Trends

ASFMRA Chapter Land and Lease Value Trends

Several ASFMRA Chapters produce land value trend reports on a regular basis. These publications are extremely helpful for real estate and appraisal professionals and their clients. 

You may access the most recent versions of these reports by clicking below. Or, view historical reports by visiting the ASFMRA Bookstore.

California TRENDS 20202020 California and Nevada
Land Value Trend Report

2020 Illinois Land Trends2020 Illinois
Land Value Trend Report
KansasLandTrends_2018.png2018 Kansas
Land Value Trend Report

MidSouthLandValues_2020.jpg2020 Arkansas, Louisisana, Mississippi,
and Tennessee Land Value Trend Report

TexasLandTrends_2018.png2019 Texas
Land Value Trends Report