Mr. Benjamin Slaughter, ARA

Senior Valuation Services Director | Agricultural Valuation,
Colliers International

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Colliers International
7485 N Palm Ave Ste 110
Fresno, CA
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Area of Expertise

  • vineyard: wine: permanent planting: almond: peach: grape: walnut: pistachio: tree fruit: blueberry: hazelnut: irrigated land: cattle ranch: conservation easement: leasehold: leased fee: California: Oregon: Washington


Properties appraised include all types of agricultural properties, including some of the largest and most complex properties in California and Oregon. Appraisal assignments completed include extensive vineyards, wineries, orchards, irrigated open land, range land, and related facilities. Mr. Slaughter also has experience in appraising conservation easements, utility easements, rural subdivisions, condemnations, leasehold interests, and leased fee interests. Mr. Slaughter has extensive experience in the valuation of wine grape vineyards and winery facilities, having valued vineyards and wineries all over California and Oregon, including many of the highest valued ag properties on the West Coast in the Napa Valley. Appraisals have been completed in nearly all the traditional farming areas of California’s Central Valley, North Coast, Sierra Foothills, and Central Coast as well as Western Oregon’s Willamette Valley and southwestern Oregon. In addition to extensive experience in the wine space, Ben has practice with a whole host of other permanent crops such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, stone fruit, table grapes, olives, pomegranates, citrus, and blueberries and other farm and rural uses as irrigated field crops, pasture, grazing land, native open space, greenhouses, and storage/processing facilities. Mr. Slaughter currently owns and operates a twenty-acre almond orchard. Mr. Slaughter is a fourth-generation agriculturalist. His father is a farmer, nurseryman, and plant breeder developing new varieties of stone fruit and almonds in California and around the world. His grandfather was a farmer, cattleman, and biology and vocational ag teacher in Missouri. His great-grandfather managed and rehabilitated farms in the Midwest during the Depression.

Primary Occupation

  • Appraiser


  • Appraiser