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ASFMRA is an internationally recognized leader in appraisal training. We are a not-for-profit appraisal society and sponsoring member of the Appraisal Foundation providing education since 1929 and serving all jurisdictions in the United States. We provide Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) and state approved appraisal training for certified general licensure and for continuing education.

The ASFMRA offers specialized seminars such as Yellow Book, Valuation of Conservation Easements, Timber Property, Mineral Rights, Dairy Appraisal and a lot of other topics. Take a look at the seminars to see what we offer, then take a look at our education schedule to see what is being offered near you! If you have any questions you can contact Deanna Ilk at 303-692-1222 or

Rural Case Studies 1

Target audience: Appraisers

This 1-day seminar will provide an opportunity to apply the three approaches to value in diverse rural appraisal assignments. More specifically, appraisers will apply relevant appraisal principles and analytical techniques as they complete two case studies – one involving a rural commercial property and the other a permanent planting. This is a “hands on” seminar designed to allow students to share ideas, explore options, and sharpen their understanding of the integrated approaches as they develop value opinions in each assignment. Whether you are a practicing rural appraiser, or an experienced appraiser who wants to learn more about valuing rural or agricultural properties, this seminar should provide an opportunity to enhance your analytical skills.

Contact hours: 8 hours

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