2023 Education Week Continuing Education

2023 Education Week Continuing Education

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers offers valuable continuing education for appraisers, farm managers and consultants. This July, the ASFMRA will host the seminars below that focus on the unique needs of land and agricultural appraisers and managers. Differentiate yourself and earn your CE while learning about relevant topics to your business.

Continuing Education Seminars

July 17, 2023
8 AM - 5:30 PM CT

This one-day course is designed for professional rural real property appraisers who interact with business appraisers in assignments requiring an equity valuation for estate, divorce, gifting, or transfer purposes.

As an overview, it concentrates on distinguishing the differences in methods of analysis and provides guidance on how rural real estate appraisers can contribute to the business analysis.

Instructors: Rob Schlegel, ASA
Continuing Education Credit: 8 Hours
Format: In-Person

July 17, 2023
8 AM - 5:30 PM CT

The objective of this seminar is to orient the students on how to inspect a livestock ranch, analyze water rights, soils, grazing permits and leases, prepare a land inventory, estimate forage production (carrying capacity) and analyze forage balance. This seminar addresses only ranches whose Highest and Best Use is as a livestock ranch. The students will be exposed to the three approaches to value and different sales analysis methodologies for valuation of ranches.

This seminar offers an perspective to appraisers, real estate brokers, lenders and investors of how to analyze and value a livestock ranch.

Instructors: Lee Smith, ARA
Continuing Education Credit: 8 Hours
Format: In-Person

July 18, 2023
8 AM - 5:30 PM CT

Agricultural facilities are often the most difficult assignments an appraiser will be asked to tackle. Swine facilities are within that category, and no facility is exactly the same. This seminar reviews the underlying appraisal theory relative to facility appraisals and then applies the theory specifically to the valuation of a swine confinement. Applicable terminology, facility types and typical operations are presented, followed by discussion of the overall appraisal process beginning with problem identification, leading to the steps to complete and analyze a facility following the traditional approaches to value.

Instructor: Tyler Fitterer
Continuing Education Credit: 8 Hours
Format: In-Person

July 18, 2023
8 AM - 5:30 PM CT

This course will attempt to set forth basic definitions and concepts applicable to the oil, gas, and mineral industries. Minerals, mineral ownership and property characterization will be reviewed. Appraisal methods with examples of the application of approaches to value will be provided for oil & gas and mineral properties.

Instructor: Briana Lamphier
ASFMRA Continuing Education Credit: 8 Hours
Format: In-Person

July 19, 2023
8 AM - 12 PM CT

The objective of this course is to provide the student attending the 4-hour seminar the background and tools necessary to prepare appraisal reports intended for use by Farmer Mac and limit the need for report revisions. The student will learn the expectations for appraisal reports prepared for Farmer Mac and how to better meet those expectations via a review of the three approaches to value. In addition, the additional requirements and forms will be identified and addressed. The Best Practices overview will highlight the most common reasons for revision requests in appraisals completed for Farmer Mac, other USPAP requirements most often overlooked by appraisers, and address report contents and presentation.

Instructor: Dorothy Bell, ARA and Rebecca Stone, ARA
ASFMRA Continuing Education Credit: 4 Hours
Format: In-Person

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