May 23 2017

Weekly AgNews – May 23, 2017

Washington Week Ahead: Trump to Target Agriculture Spending in FY18 Budget

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2017 – President Trump releases his full fiscal 2018 budget this week and it’s expected to propose big cuts in crop insurance, conservation assistance and a number of agricultural and rural development programs.

The budget, which expands on the “skinny” budget plan issued in March, will be released on Tuesday. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will be in the hot seat the very next day when he faces the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, which writes the annual spending bill for USDA, the Food and Drug Administration and Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Multiple sources told Agri-Pulse last week that the budget will propose cuts in crop insurance. And the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition said the budget also would whack rural development programs, including Value-Added Grants, rural housing assistance, and cut $100 million from the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, which funds university research projects.

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Experts: Nut Prices, Not Water, Account for Swing in Ag Land Values

Starting in 1999, prices for agricultural land in the South Valley experienced a decade of steady growth in value, averaging about a 5.5 percent increase on a compounded, annual basis.

And if you were looking to sell ag land after 2010, the news got even better, as values rose by almost 20 percent on average over the next five years, with some ag parcels nearly doubling in value, said Roland Fumasi, vice president and senior analyst for Rabobank Research Food and Agribusiness.

As for what drove that trend, it was nuts — almonds, pistachios and walnuts — that experienced growing demand among consumers around the world, pulling prices higher.

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Iowa Farmland is Going Back Up, Survey Shows

AMES, Iowa — While long-term outlooks are bullish on Iowa farmland values, financial experts say it’s time that farmers micromanage their operations.

With farmers, professional farm managers, appraisers, landowners, and ag lenders in attendance Wednesday, Iowa State University held its 90th Annual Soil Management and Land Valuation (SMLV) Conference.

One of the highlights of the conference was the results of a land value survey involving over 1,448 respondents, many of which attend the annual meeting.

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Mike Conaway’s Other Job

As House Agriculture Chairman, Mike Conaway’s chief goal is to shepherd the new farm bill into law and on time in 2018, a harder goal than it sounds, since Congress has been tardy in writing farm bills since 1990. Conaway was handed a large distraction last month when House GOP leaders put him in charge of the House investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“I must emphasize that this is a temporary position,” says Conaway, a staunch conservative from Texas. He’s filling in for Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who is resolving complaints about his handling of classified information. Conaway, known as a quiet and diligent lawmaker, is the second-ranking Republican on the Intelligence panel, so it was somewhat logical for GOP leaders to turn to him. By coincidence, Nunes, a dairy farmer from California’s Central Valley, is a former Agriculture Committee member.

“Chairman Conaway’s responsibilities at the Intelligence Committee will not impact the House Agriculture Committee’s activities or the Chairman’s anticipated time line for writing and passing a new farm bill,” says a committee press aide. The committee has a heavy schedule of information-gathering hearings at present, with the actual writing of the farm bill not expected before early next year.

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Trump Officially Moves to Renegotiate NAFTA

In a statement issued this morning, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer formally notified Congress specifics on how the Trump Administration intends to renegotiate NAFTA.

“As I said when I was sworn in three days ago, I believe the President’s leadership on trade will permanently reverse the dangerous trajectory of American trade,” he said. “Changing that trajectory is why we’re here today.”

In a letter addressed to Chuck Schumer, Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, Lighthizer stressed the need to modernize the 25-year-old trade agreement.

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Syngenta Taps New Leaders for North American Seeds Business

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2017 – Syngenta is making big changes in its North American Seeds leadership team with the selection of David Hollinrake as President, Syngenta Seeds, LLC and North America Region Director.

“David brings more than 25 years of agriculture experience with a laser focus on meeting customer needs. He has a proven track record in strategic and product planning, organizational design, business development, and sales and marketing—and he is an excellent communicator,” said Jeff Rowe, Syngenta president of Global Seeds and North America.

In his previous role as Vice President of North America Marketing and Portfolio Management for Bayer CropScience LP, Hollinrake led business strategy efforts, and marketing and portfolio change while achieving impressive net sales growth for the company.

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Secretary Perdue’s First Days at USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the following video wrapping up Sonny Perdue’s first three weeks as Secretary.


Farm Bill Sure to Bring CRP Debate

There will almost certainly be a push for increased conservation acres in the next farm bill, but it may come with program reforms as well.


Global Reflation Efforts – ‘Slowly bearing fruit”

Market “Near Term” Snap Shot

10-year Treasury Yield: Slightly bullish – lower yield
S&P 500: Consolidating before moving higher
Global Equities: Some consolidating gains; others near term bullish
U.S. Dollar: Sideways – More weakness than strength
Oil: Dangerously weak prices; Inability to penetrate upside price resistance could result in another leg down for oil prices and aggregate commodity price weakness
Commodity Index: Good news: Near term low in place; Important question: Will low hold?
Soybeans, Corn and Wheat: Basing Continues – Bias: Cautiously Bullish, $CRB commodity index weakness a major indicator of grain price challenges
Rice: Slightly bullish bias
Cotton: 84-cent-plus price objective remains
Should one be optimistic or pessimistic about the week beginning May 15, 2017?

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Valuable Input to Become a Successful Drone Pilot

Hail cannons boomed as participants at a drone workshop stepped outside a classroom at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Parlier, Calif. for hands-on instruction on how to pilot an unmanned multi-rotor copter.

The center is, after all, in the heart of the nation’s tree fruit industry, and the gathering clouds and unsettled weather held off just long enough for most workshop participants to guide a craft through the air and to safe landings.

Some of the information presented at the workshop and a second one the next day drifted into the highly technical and esoteric, but the emphasis was on the practical.

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Digital Data Management Drives Grower’s Efforts to Produce World-class Quality Fruit

Geographic information systems, which are used to store, analyze and manage such geographic data as soil types, cropping patterns and rainfall, are the future of farming, says Christian Palmaz, president of Palmaz Vineyards, in the Coombsville AVA, near Napa, Calif.

He manages day-to-day operation of the second-generation family vineyard and winery business, which was established in the late 1990s.

As Palmaz sees it, making good vineyard management decisions starts with a clear understanding about what’s going on with the vines. And, that’s where GIS can pay big dividends

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ASFMRA at North American Council of Appraisal Organizations Gathering

David W. GaNun, ARA, President-Elect as well as Brian Stockman, Executive Vice President and CEO of ASFMRA recently attended the North American Council of Appraisal Organizations (NACAO) gathering.  The meeting was held in Florida on Thursday, May 18, 2017,  and ASFMRA attended along with 10 other organizations. The groups talked over challenges and opportunities associated with the individual organizations and the appraisal profession in general, include the aging population of appraisers, potential changes in what government sponsored entities will use for valuation,  which could include readily available data, and automated valuation tools.

Welcome New Members

Thank you for being a part of ASFMRA! Help ASFMRA welcome our new members and thank them for choosing the Society as the organization that they desire to be affiliated with. ASFMRA continues to support rural property professionals and offers services, resources and education which will be of benefit to all of our members, both professionally and personally.

We are recognizing new members of the Society on a monthly basis. You may recognize your colleagues in the following list and we encourage you to welcome them into ASFMRA!

New Members
Kara Behrens with Farm Credit Services of America in Mason City, NE (Nebraska Chapter)
Samuel Boyce in Shelby, OH (Ohio and Iowa Chapters)
Breannca Bussert in Faribault, MN (Minnesota Chapter)
Jordan Crabtree with Vineyard Professional Services, Inc. in Templeton, CA (California Chapter)
Derek Gall with Farm Credit Services of America in Casper, WY (Wyoming Chapter)
Teddy Garwood with American Ag Credit in Ripon, CA (California Chapter)
Alyth Hescock with Yankee Farm Credit, ACA in Middlebury, VT (Northeast Chapter)
Tyler Hipp in Little Rock, AR (Mid-South Chapter)
Jeff Hopkins with Farmland Management Services/Adams 73 Cranberry Division in Bancroft, WI (Wisconsin Chapter)
Kenneth Hume with Martin, Goodrich & Waddell, Inc. in Sycamore, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Stuart Jackson with Oklahoma AgCredit in Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma Chapter)
Tamara Joerger with Agriland in Sioux Falls, SD (South Dakota Chapter)
Brandon Kirkbride in Pana, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Tyler Kollmann in Templeton, CA (California Chapter)
Brennen Kraft with First Illinois Ag Group in O’Fallon, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Zachary Kunneman with Oklahoma AgCredit in Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma Chapter)
Katie McDowell with Farm Credit East, ACA in Hornell, NY (Northeast Chapter)
James Mullen with Quailpro, LLC in Castroville, TX (Texas Chapter)
Bradley Peck with TLR Inc. in East Helena, MT (Montana Chapter)
James Pruitt with Palantir Inc. in Winter Haven, FL (Florida Chapter)
Justin Reichley with AgCredit in Bluffton, OH (Ohio Chapter)
Tori Riley in Las Cruces, NM (New Mexico Chapter)
Travis See in Nevada, IA (Iowa Chapter)
Joshua Soroka with KPMG, LLP in Los Angeles, CA (California Chapter)
Adam Spears with Oklahoma AgCredit in Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma Chapter)
Ronald Sullivan with Farmers National Company in Lafayette, IN (Indiana Chapter)
Timothy Sullivan with TJ Sullivan Auctions, Realty and Appraising in Box Elder, SD (MI & MT Chapters)
Alexandra Szabo in Fort Collins, CO (Colorado Chapter)
Justin Uhrig with Farm Credit Services of America in Rapid City, SD (South Dakota Chapter)
Olivia Wilson in Ogden, IL (Illinois Chapter)
Jennifer Wilson-Oechsle with AgCredit, ACA in Ottawa, OH (Ohio Chapter)

Share Your Experience – Make A Referral!

You know first-hand what a great organization ASFMRA is and what it means to you both professionally and personally. Pass that benefit on to others that you know who would benefit from membership with The Most Trusted rural property professional organization – ASFMRA! Talk to those you know who would benefit from ASFMRA’s educational offerings, networking, and meetings. Let them know your experiences of being involved in this great association and some of the business contacts you have made along with lasting friendships. Your peers listed below have done just that! They spoke to individuals about ASFMRA and those individuals have now become members of ASFMRA!

Maria Boerngen
Steven Diedrich, AFM
Bonnie Downing, ARA
William Eirich, Jr., ARA
William Frasier
Robert Guay
James Hollenbeck
Dale Kellermann, AFM
James Libbin, Ph.D.
Brian Neville, AFM
Jon Plafcan, ARA
Christina Reitsma
Grant Rohwer, ARA
Lisa Shumaker
Mark Sonderby, ARA
Lyle Spence
Merrill Swanson, ARA
John Voris, ARA

Thank you to all who have referred someone and in some cases, more than one, to join ASFMRA.

Recognition of Long-Standing Members

We are recognizing long-standing members of ASFMRA on an annual basis according to their join date. The anniversaries are recognized in increments of five years. You may recognize your fellow peers in the list of Long Standing Members and we encourage you to extend your congratulations to them. Please note this list is for the 2017 year.

A round of applause is extended by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA or the Society) to our long-standing members for their continuous support. The Society appreciates every member for choosing us as the association you desire to affiliate with especially with many organizations vying for your membership. ASFMRA continues to make every effort to offer member services which will benefit your professional and personal life.

Member’s Name City State Join Date # of Years
Eldon H. Greenwood, AFM-Retired Chatham IL 1/27/1962 55
Richard W. Vissering, AFM-Retired Decatur IL 11/10/1962 55
Richard C. Carlson, AFM-Retired Webster City IA 11/27/1962 55
Ronald D. Kay, Ph.D. College Station TX 11/27/1962 55
James D. Cannon, ARA Hutchinson KS 4/5/1967 50
Lowell E. Akers, AFM, ARA Sycamore IL 11/26/1967 50
Kenneth E. Kirk, AFM Osage IA 1/18/1972 45
Jimmy R. Johnson Stuttgart AR 8/4/1972 45
Walter D. Armer, Jr., ARA Vail AZ 8/4/1972 45
James A. Garrett, ARA Lebanon OH 11/7/1972 45
Gary Thien, AFM, ARA Council Bluffs IA 1/12/1977 40
Stephen L. Elsberry, ARA Stillwater OK 1/12/1977 40
Phyllis L. Sethre Wolf Point MT 2/15/1977 40
Richard K. Isaacson, AFM, ARA Marion IA 3/19/1977 40
Jerry A. Warner, AFM-Retired Omaha NE 8/15/1977 40
Thomas F. Kelley, ARA Princeville IL 8/15/1977 40
Charles E. Knudson, ARA, RPRA Bloomington IL 8/15/1977 40
James L. Paulson Fremont NE 8/15/1977 40
Timothy H. Webb, ARA Fowler IN 8/30/1977 40
Dan Childs, AFM Ardmore OK 8/30/1977 40
Richard A. Nesbitt Lafayette IN 8/30/1977 40
Douglas W. Fehr, AFM Peoria IL 9/21/1977 40
Thomas R. Coultas, AAC-Retired Granite Bay CA 9/22/1977 40
Kenneth E. Brush, ARA Caldwell ID 9/29/1977 40
Paul E. Bierschwale, ARA Junction TX 9/30/1977 40
Patrick D. Leary, AFM-Retired Vero Beach FL 9/30/1977 40
Martin K. Olson, ARA, RPRA Scottsbluff NE 10/4/1977 40
Deon R. Herndon, ARA Sunnyside WA 10/4/1977 40
Dick L. Coffman, AFM, ARA Sioux City IA 10/12/1977 40
Daniel W. Moehring Decatur IL 10/12/1977 40
Robert M. Burns, ARA Pendleton OR 11/9/1977 40
Michael S. Hall, ARA Denver CO 11/22/1977 40
Gary J. Grave Spencer IA 11/29/1977 40
Dan G. Cribben, AFM, ARA Somonauk IL 11/29/1977 40
Charles N. Sponhauer, ARA Marion IN 11/29/1977 40
Mark E. Wetzel, AFM Danville IL 12/1/1977 40
Rex E. Wilcox, AFM Storm Lake IA 12/1/1977 40
Gordon L. Bergthold Chico CA 12/1/1977 40
Ronnie L. Schultz, AFM-Retired Fremont NE 12/1/1977 40
Aaron J. Donaldson, ARA-Retired Stedman NC 12/1/1977 40
Dee B. Carmichael Greenfield IN 12/15/1977 40
Billy D. Snow, ARA Kerrville TX 12/30/1977 40
Robert H. Hutchinson, ARA Geneseo IL 1/18/1982 35
Thomas M. Mendelson, AFM Pasadena CA 1/18/1982 35
Gregory A. House, AFM, ARA Davis CA 2/8/1982 35
Lee B. Smith, ARA Carson City NV 3/1/1982 35
Arthur E. Clapp, ARA Westhampton MA 3/26/1982 35
George Rambour IV, AFM Columbus NE 3/26/1982 35
Joyce W. Niggley, AFM Atlanta GA 3/26/1982 35
Richard D. Dodds, AFM Humboldt IA 3/26/1982 35
Jerry L. Weaver, AFM North Platte NE 4/26/1982 35
Richard J. Grever, AFM DeKalb IL 4/26/1982 35
Ann McRoy, ARA Greenville NC 6/26/1982 35
Rhona Weaver, ARA Little Rock AR 6/26/1982 35
Robert L. Williamson, AFM-Retired Chatham IL 6/26/1982 35
Charles A. Cooley II, AFM Knoxville IL 6/26/1982 35
Fred L. Hepler, AFM, AAC Edmond OK 6/26/1982 35
Van A. Bullock Las Cruces NM 6/26/1982 35
Fred J. Pfotenhauer, ARA Rogers MN 6/26/1982 35
Steven W. Tomac, ARA-Retired St. Anthony ND 9/23/1982 35
Jerry N. White, AFM, ARA Chickasha OK 9/23/1982 35
Thomas A. Kahle, AFM Chenoa IL 9/23/1982 35
Michael J. Nissly, AFM Iowa Falls IA 9/23/1982 35
Winnie Stortzum, ARA Arcola IL 9/23/1982 35
J. Michael Smith, AFM, ARA Birmingham AL 11/12/1982 35
Robert E. Borrell, ARA Camarillo CA 1/18/1987 30
Bradley M. Haugen, ARA Minot ND 1/18/1987 30
Royce L. Elker, ARA, RPRA Mankato MN 1/18/1987 30
John F. Voris, ARA Merced CA 1/18/1987 30
Bart Woodward, ARA Kearney NE 1/18/1987 30
Brian K. Linnemeyer, ARA Indianola IA 3/6/1987 30
James W. Schroeder, AFM Decatur IL 3/6/1987 30
Floyd C. Geeding Eaton OH 3/20/1987 30
Jerry D. Lebsack, ARA Yuma CO 4/3/1987 30
Edward E. Lumpee, ARA Pueblo West CO 4/3/1987 30
Thomas G. Schorr, ARA Tempe AZ 4/3/1987 30
Stanley Xavier, Jr. Fresno CA 4/10/1987 30
C. Leon Nelson, ARA Highland UT 4/17/1987 30
Edward S. Thornton, ARA River Falls WI 4/24/1987 30
Kim Frome, ARA Grover WY 4/24/1987 30
Chad A. Hoke, AFM Bloomington IL 4/30/1987 30
David W. Gehrke, ARA New Ulm MN 5/8/1987 30
Leslie P. Roos, ARA Grand Forks ND 5/8/1987 30
Bruce C. Ahrens, AFM Iowa City IA 5/8/1987 30
LeeAnn E. Moss, PhD, ARA Bloomington IL 5/8/1987 30
Thomas W. Peters, AFM Chatham IL 5/8/1987 30
Tim Pick, AFM Nevada IA 5/8/1987 30
David W. Hansen, ARA Riverton UT 5/8/1987 30
L. Frank Oberti Fresno CA 5/8/1987 30
Roger L. Gregory, ARA, RPRA Cuba MO 5/15/1987 30
James S. Waterhouse, ARA Valatie NY 5/15/1987 30
Michael G. Bollinger Sikeston MO 5/29/1987 30
Russell E. Wyatt Hot Springs SD 5/29/1987 30
David J. Heine, ARA Kalispell MT 6/5/1987 30
Kevin T. Pearce, ARA Twin Bridges MT 6/5/1987 30
Don W. Peterson Richfield UT 6/5/1987 30
Roger D. Spears, ARA Mannford OK 6/19/1987 30
Curt L. Johnston, ARA Greeley CO 6/19/1987 30
Robert J. Brockman, ARA Wheatland WY 6/19/1987 30
William G. Wilson, ARA Manhattan KS 6/27/1987 30
Paul M. Brown Petersburg IL 6/27/1987 30
Tedd J. Kimmel Hutchinson KS 6/27/1987 30
Jon C. Plafcan, ARA Lonoke AR 6/27/1987 30
Philip D. Erstine, AFM Collierville TN 7/31/1987 30
Ralph Raymond Gourley Great Falls MT 8/7/1987 30
David A. Gracia, ARA Visalia CA 8/14/1987 30
James C. Farrell, AFM Omaha NE 9/4/1987 30
Robert S. Dieken Streator IL 9/4/1987 30
Randall J. Sook, AFM Marshall MN 9/4/1987 30
Thomas L. Toohill, AFM Springfield IL 9/4/1987 30
Dennis E. Makula, ARA Adrian MI 9/11/1987 30
Bob W. York, ARA Shelbyville TN 9/18/1987 30
James A. Boone Spokane WA 10/3/1987 30
Russell E. Forsburg, ARA Eureka CA 10/3/1987 30
Allan J. Barros, ARA Fresno CA 10/3/1987 30
Ralph Pavey, ARA Wilton CA 10/3/1987 30
Steven J. Bilicek Richmond TX 10/19/1987 30
R. Mark Finley, Jr., ARA, RPRA Willcox AZ 11/7/1987 30
Steven P. Kock, AFM Harlan IA 11/7/1987 30
James A. Kehr Lincoln NE 11/7/1987 30
Gary P. Barta Lewistown MT 12/11/1987 30
Jeane’ K Redmond, AFM Basehor KS 1/11/1992 25
Jorge D. Vicuna, AFM Huron SD 2/14/1992 25
George L. Slinkard, ARA Pueblo West CO 2/21/1992 25
Andrew B. Peak Cynthiana KY 3/27/1992 25
Kenneth L. Schmitt, AFM Jefferson IA 3/27/1992 25
Paul T. Sickler, AFM Brandon SD 3/27/1992 25
Martha R. Zimmerman Harvel IL 3/27/1992 25
David E. Clark Scottsdale AZ 5/8/1992 25
Gary Pfeiffer Oak Harbor OH 5/8/1992 25
Lyle A. Wilkinson, RPRA Fresno CA 5/8/1992 25
Michael G. Kallstrom, ARA Ephrata WA 5/8/1992 25
Theo B. Hirshfeld Buffalo WY 5/22/1992 25
Eric W. Decker, AFM Champaign IL 6/5/1992 25
Rodney G. Good, AFM Norwalk IA 6/19/1992 25
Richard L. Kilgore III, ARA Fresno CA 7/10/1992 25
Bill S. Beam, ARA Abilene TX 7/10/1992 25
Lorrain J. Friant, AFM, ARA, AAC Yuba City CA 7/31/1992 25
Paul B. Stoddard, ARA Monticello IL 8/13/1992 25
Michael J. Lauher, AFM Savoy IL 9/16/1992 25
Michael J. Krause, AFM Omaha NE 9/18/1992 25
Deborah Lewis, ARA Bernalillo NM 10/1/1992 25
Richard G. Sullivan, ARA Clever MO 10/16/1992 25
William K. Beyer Roseville CA 10/23/1992 25
Norbert Soltwedel, RPRA Shumway IL 10/23/1992 25
Gene Corman West Plains MO 10/30/1992 25
Adlai V. Riekhof, ARA Saint Joseph MO 10/30/1992 25
Roger L. Williams, AFM Fort Dodge IA 10/30/1992 25
Alan J. Schuiteman West Des Moines IA 11/25/1992 25
John W. Schmedemann San Antonio TX 11/25/1992 25
Janet Rivera Sharon, ARA Billings MT 11/25/1992 25
Rodney D. Johnson Norfolk NE 11/25/1992 25
Ronald N. Geer, ARA Debary FL 12/24/1992 25
Rick E. Dennison Adrian MI 12/24/1992 25
Craig L. Dobbins West Lafayette IN 2/21/1997 20
Katherine U. Williamson, ARA Los Lunas NM 3/28/1997 20
Gary L. Rainsdon, AAC Twin Falls ID 3/28/1997 20
John H. Nicholas, ARA Geneva NY 4/18/1997 20
Daniel S. Patten, AFM Bloomington IL 4/25/1997 20
Steven L. Ritter, ARA Harrisonville MO 5/16/1997 20
Timothy H. Dean, ARA Lafayette GA 5/30/1997 20
Kurt D. Williams, ARA Walla Walla WA 6/6/1997 20
Shirley J. Milli, RPRA Bloomington MN 6/13/1997 20
Rick R. Costin, AFM-Retired Salem IN 7/3/1997 20
Ronald W. Young, AFM-Retired Carlinville IL 7/14/1997 20
James C. Horras Fairfield IA 7/18/1997 20
Robert H. Woodrow, AFM Sherman IL 8/1/1997 20
Robert E. Felten Pilot Grove MO 8/22/1997 20
Richard Mercier, ARA Santa Maria CA 8/29/1997 20
Kent C. Tresidder Coquille OR 8/29/1997 20
Howard W. Haynie, Jr., ARA, RPRA Alexander City AL 9/5/1997 20
R. Peters Hubbell, Jr. Poughkeepsie NY 9/5/1997 20
Renae T. Neilson Meeker CO 9/12/1997 20
Alan N. Singleton Louisville KY 9/12/1997 20
Leonard M. Bopp Cody WY 9/12/1997 20
Lisa L. Pinkston Harrodsburg KY 9/19/1997 20
Dan G. Legner, ARA Princeton IL 10/10/1997 20
Jeffrey M. Williams, ARA Signal Mountain TN 12/5/1997 20
David A. Bradley, ARA-Retired Lakewood CO 12/29/1997 20
Gary Schnitkey, Ph.D. Urbana IL 1/4/2002 15
Brian Stone Macon GA 1/18/2002 15
Jason D. Woods Sioux City IA 2/8/2002 15
Allan Husby, ARA Sioux Falls SD 3/15/2002 15
Tom J. Sammons, Jr. Brady TX 3/29/2002 15
Michael J. Waller Kearney NE 3/29/2002 15
Steven J. Hiniker Windom MN 3/29/2002 15
Charles P. Peterson, AFM Fargo ND 3/29/2002 15
Reagan Bownds, ARA-Inactive Mason TX 4/12/2002 15
Terry Leibel Pierre SD 4/12/2002 15
Kenneth D. Straughn Streator IL 4/19/2002 15
Clint W. Bumguardner Abilene TX 4/19/2002 15
Toni L. Parish, ARA Ontario OR 4/19/2002 15
John B. Whatley, Jr. Richardson TX 5/6/2002 15
Jake Minton, ARA Lonoke AR 5/6/2002 15
Patricia L. Stolz, RPRA Portland OR 6/14/2002 15
Brad Brown Fairbury IL 7/3/2002 15
Kimberley V. Brower, RPRA San Diego CA 7/19/2002 15
Ronald L. Ensz, ARA Belle Fourche SD 7/26/2002 15
Scott A. Brown, ARA Colby KS 7/26/2002 15
Randall Swalve Lena IL 8/2/2002 15
Raymond L. Wagester, ARA Greenwood Village CO 8/23/2002 15
Patricia L. Davis Belgrade MT 8/30/2002 15
Mark A. Stoltz, ARA Richland WA 9/20/2002 15
Kraig Van Hulzen, ARA Oskaloosa IA 9/20/2002 15
Bryan P. Danburg Kearney NE 9/27/2002 15
Ronald A. Ringquist Redwood Falls MN 10/4/2002 15
Timothy L. Harpster, ARA Wapakoneta OH 10/18/2002 15
Gary L. McCormick North Platte NE 10/25/2002 15
Susan M. Christensen Omaha NE 11/15/2002 15
Jason Ray, AFM Superior NE 11/15/2002 15
Barbara Lechtenberg, ARA Hutchinson KS 11/15/2002 15
James D. Lau, ARA Chippewa Falls WI 12/13/2002 15
Michael Daryl Mays, ARA Georgetown TX 12/16/2002 15
William J. Varano, AAC Tamaqua PA 1/1/2007 10
Chris Ostmeyer, AFM Kechi KS 1/1/2007 10
John R. Grape, AAC Baldwin WI 1/1/2007 10
John P. Robertson, Jr., ARA San Antonio TX 2/1/2007 10
Michael Braun Langford SD 2/1/2007 10
Vincent B. Hanson Crooks SD 2/1/2007 10
Lyndsy Zeitz Mt. Pleasant MI 2/1/2007 10
Richard Schoney Saskatoon SK 2/1/2007 10
Timothy A. Fuchs, AAC Fresno CA 2/1/2007 10
Justin Koenigshof Davis CA 3/1/2007 10
Wade A. Schroeder, ARA Washington DC 3/1/2007 10
John Braas Paso Robles CA 3/1/2007 10
Joel T. Klemish, ARA Strawberry Point IA 3/2/2007 10
Larry L. Zumwalt, RPRA Portland OR 3/2/2007 10
Chris R. Clement, AFM Pontiac IL 4/1/2007 10
George Gottier Manitowoc WI 5/1/2007 10
Sandra L. St. Arnauld, RPRA Denver CO 5/1/2007 10
David Dinderman Freeport IL 5/1/2007 10
Tim Cordill Salem OR 5/1/2007 10
Rebecca L. Stone, ARA Watertown NY 5/1/2007 10
Michael Anchordoquy, AAC Bakersfield CA 5/17/2007 10
Jenna McCarty, ARA Windsor CO 6/1/2007 10
Paul Vuletich Spokane WA 6/1/2007 10
Greg Cheshier Lincoln AR 6/27/2007 10
Jeffrey D Barker Sioux Falls SD 6/27/2007 10
Gregory M. Powell, ARA Phoenix AZ 6/27/2007 10
Justin L. Martin Monmouth IL 7/1/2007 10
Michael James Ittel, ARA Sartell MN 7/26/2007 10
Stanley S. Johnson Austin TX 8/1/2007 10
Bob Matlick Visalia CA 8/1/2007 10
Kevin Lambert Portage WI 8/23/2007 10
Matthew L. Mann, AFM Malcom IA 9/1/2007 10
Shane Kenner Jasper MI 9/1/2007 10
Ryan R. Roetman, AFM Alden IA 10/1/2007 10
Greg Tritle Spirit Lake IA 11/1/2007 10
Aari K. Roberts Watertown WI 11/1/2007 10
Mark S. Grant, ARA Red Wing MN 11/29/2007 10
Tom Van Hofwegen, ARA Tempe AZ 11/30/2007 10
Charles J. McCarty, ARA Avon IN 12/28/2007 10
Ryan C. Healy, ARA San Antonio TX 12/28/2007 10
Todd J. Slock Rock Falls IL 12/28/2007 10
Carson M. Rose Newton Grove NC 1/1/2012 5
Patrick R. Gooding, AFM Savoy IL 1/1/2012 5
Peter T. Smith Atlantic IA 1/16/2012 5
John P. Herrity Windsor CO 2/23/2012 5
Scott Bortolini Kewaunee WI 2/23/2012 5
James R. Tonsfeldt Perry IA 2/23/2012 5
Sara M. Huckfeldt North Platte NE 2/23/2012 5
Jaret Sievers Sioux Falls SD 2/23/2012 5
Justin Die, AFM Houston TX 2/23/2012 5
Paul Handsaker Pearl City IL 2/23/2012 5
Mike Estadt Circleville OH 2/23/2012 5
Daniel Corrie Charleston IL 2/23/2012 5
Joshua P. Smith Roswell NM 2/23/2012 5
Joel Kenimer Nicholasville KY 2/23/2012 5
Mark A. Welty, AFM Lake Village AR 2/23/2012 5
Kyle C. Bland New Albany OH 2/23/2012 5
Brian R. Pedrick Lebanon PA 2/23/2012 5
Joseph M. Tutterrow Indianapolis IN 2/23/2012 5
Robert J. Hostetter Potsdam NY 2/23/2012 5
Gary D. Bohlander Darlington IN 2/23/2012 5
Adam G. Schmidt, ARA Northfield MN 2/23/2012 5
James T. Green San Dimas CA 2/23/2012 5
Lee Ann Steigerwaldt Tomahawk WI 2/23/2012 5
Jill Bauermeister Columbus NE 2/23/2012 5
Kevin Kenneth Ziegenmeyer Rocklin CA 2/23/2012 5
Ann Roehm Hutchinson KS 3/2/2012 5
Jerry G. Holmes Louisburg NC 3/14/2012 5
Howard Ziegler Hays KS 3/14/2012 5
Roger Zerener Cheney KS 3/28/2012 5
Kristen Winter Dodge City KS 3/28/2012 5
Paul Victor Loeffler Alpine TX 4/9/2012 5
Bruce G. Jacobsen, AFM Belfry MT 4/9/2012 5
Skye Root, AFM, AAC Boise ID 4/9/2012 5
Kaylee Ohm Alva OK 4/25/2012 5
Jane E. Thelen East Lansing MI 5/18/2012 5
Jordan Lee Wernette Grand Rapids MI 5/18/2012 5
Daniel E. Ceilley Fort Myers FL 5/18/2012 5
Priscilla Koser, AFM Dunlap IL 5/18/2012 5
Travis Nissen Storm Lake IA 5/18/2012 5
Kary D. Griffith Modesto CA 6/18/2012 5
John A. Hillas Modesto CA 6/29/2012 5
Samual B. Kyzer Waynesboro GA 6/29/2012 5
Andrew Rollins Georgetown TX 6/29/2012 5
Jennifer L. Riethman Celina OH 6/29/2012 5
Andrew Warner East Lansing MI 6/29/2012 5
Brian Olson Humboldt IA 6/29/2012 5
John J. Albright Winamac IN 6/29/2012 5
Rachel Daberkow Worthington MN 6/29/2012 5
Denise Rhea Georgetown TX 6/29/2012 5
Jeremy Hoke Bethany IL 7/20/2012 5
Chase A. Dodson North Platte NE 7/20/2012 5
Sherry Hulsey Elizabethtown KY 7/20/2012 5
John V. Rollings Vernon Center MN 7/20/2012 5
Daniel Peery Columbia MO 7/20/2012 5
Clay Jacobson, AFM, AAC Fall River Mills CA 7/30/2012 5
Ryan Bradley Haugen Minot ND 9/10/2012 5
Amanda Ruggles Caro MI 9/10/2012 5
Joseph W. Rapp Austin TX 9/14/2012 5
Daniel P. Hardin Corydon IN 10/1/2012 5
Kevin M. Wright, AFM Marked Tree AR 11/26/2012 5
Sam Harper Royal IA 11/30/2012 5
Robert McNamara Wilmington OH 12/1/2012 5
Scott Bozzo, AFM Lodi CA 12/1/2012 5
Kyle Amos, AFM College Station TX 12/3/2012 5
David B. Wraa, ARA Sacramento CA 12/17/2012 5
Ben S. Moore, ARA Asheville NC 12/17/2012 5
Daniel A. Leith, AFM Fresno CA 12/17/2012 5
Shanda Jane McCrory Flora IL 12/17/2012 5
Daniel T. Shively, MAI Boise ID 12/17/2012 5
Mark Estes Macdoel CA 12/17/2012 5
Bradley A. Heinz Highland IL 12/17/2012 5
Phil Neri, AFM Denver CO 12/17/2012 5
Heather Ellingson Colusa CA 12/17/2012 5
Kenny Traynom, AFM Memphis TN 12/17/2012 5
Gatlin Fenwick Reedsburg WI 12/17/2012 5
Dana M. Workman Hillsboro OH 12/17/2012 5
Christopher C. Peacock Winchester IN 12/17/2012 5
Stephen G. Neill Fort Pierce FL 12/17/2012 5
Bradley D. Johnson Watertown SD 12/17/2012 5
Kent A. Reid Albion IL 12/17/2012 5

Make Your Education Foundation Donation Today! 

With support from the members, Chapters, companies, and sponsors, the Education Foundation (a non-profit organization) develops educational programs for professional advancement. Informative programs to increase awareness of the role agricultural consultants, rural appraisers, farm managers, and review appraisers have in agriculture, rural economy, and public policy is also provided by the Foundation. You can make your tax-deductible contribution to the Education Foundation by one or a combination of the following:

  • Include a donation along with your dues invoice in any amount that you would like.
  • Make a monthly gift, annual gift, semi-annual gift, or consider an Endowment.
  • Encourage your Chapters to make a donation.
  • Make a donation in Memory of or in Honor of a deceased fellow member. 
  • Make a donation at any time throughout the year – don’t forget that last minute donation at the end of the year.

These types of donations can be a great way to show your support the Education Foundation that has been beneficial to so many. Any expression of support is greatly appreciated, and as you know, your contribution is tax-deductible. Thank you!

Make the Most of Your Membership – Mark you Calendar Now For Orientation!

Learn about the benefits you receive from your ASFMRA membership through this informative meeting which will consist of a power point presentation and conference call. New Member Orientation meetings/calls are done on a quarterly basis. This is the perfect way to afford new members the opportunity to get together with ASFMRA Executive Council and ASFMRA Staff for an open/interactive forum to be briefed on ASFMRA meetings, education, and other opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to learn about other new members to the Society. If you are a new member, you will receive an email invitation which will contain a link for you to join the power point presentation and the call in information for you to participate in the conference call portion of the meeting. Join us to learn about the benefits you receive from your ASFMRA membership. The upcoming schedule is as detailed below.

  • Tuesday, June 6, 2017 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET
  • Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET
  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET