Become a Rural Appraiser

6 Steps to Become a Rural Appraiser

(Please take a look at the Accreditation Checklist under Helpful Links below for full details)

  1. Complete the Required 121 Hours of Coursework
    1. Integrated Approaches to Value (30 hours)
    2. ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics for New Members (5 hours)
    3. Eminent Domain (22 hours)
    4. Advanced Rural Case Studies (40 hours)
    5. Valuation of Conservation Easements and Other Partial Interests in Real Estate (24 hours)
    6. Acquire 5 years of appraisal experience.
      1. For the purpose of determining work experience, each applicant will be asked to submit six appraisal reports from their log.
    7. Submit 1 Demonstration Report.
    8. Provide evidence of certification as a Certified General Appraiser under the certification laws and regulations of your state.
    9. Sign up for your ASFMRA Membership.
    10. Pass the Comprehensive ARA Accrediting exam.

    Reasons to Become an Accredited Rural Appraiser

    • An ARA has demonstrated through course work, experience, work review and a comprehensive exam that they have the expertise required for these complex valuation assignments.
    • Given the complexities of issues surrounding the large percentage of rural real estate throughout the United States, and the significant investment required to purchase this land, a well-trained and experienced rural appraiser has vast opportunities to obtain significant business.
    • An appraiser who has received the ARA designation is trained and tested to ensure they are equipped with the tools necessary to tackle a wide spectrum of real estate valuation assignments.

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