Become A Farm Manager

5 Steps to Become a Farm Manager 

(Please take a look at the Accreditation Checklist under Helpful Links below for full details)

  1. Complete the Required Coursework
    • Ag Land Management 1 (24 hours)
    • Ag Land Management 2 (24 hours)
    • Ag Land Management 3 (24 hours)
    • Ag Land Management 4 (8 hours)
    • Best in Business Ethics (5 hours)
  2. Acquire a four-year college degree or equivalent as approved by the Management/Consulting Education/Accrediting Committee. 
  3. Obtain four years of experience in Farm or Ranch management.
  4. Sign up for your ASFMRA membership.
  5. Submit of one demonstration farm management plan.

Reasons to Become a Farm Manager

  • An ASFMRA Accredited Farm Manager has achieved the highest level of professionalism and education in the industry.

  • An Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) possesses the skills, experience and education to provide land investment analysis and management of day-to-day operations for ag enterprises.

  • Farm Managers offer professional management services to farmland owners to help them optimize the returns from their asset.

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