Ag Consulting Procedures (AAC2) | Livestream | September 2023

Starts:  Sep 18, 2023 08:00 AM (MT)
Ends:  Sep 20, 2023 05:00 PM (MT)

Course Description:
Class I – Advanced Consulting Theory

  • Creative team building/group introduction
  • Identify the role of the consultant
  • How to identify the client's goals
  • How to identify stakeholders
  • Learn how to manage consulting projects, using advanced project management techniques, as well as consulting project management models

Class II – Analytical Methods and Theories of Consulting

  • Learn to use the SWOT Analysis
  • Learn to use Porter's Five Force method of evaluation
  • Learn how to us other analysis tools
  • Introduction to other templates, checklists and other resources
  • Case Studies

Class III – Fundamentals of Data Gathering

  • Why does the consultant gather data
  • How does the consultant gather data?
    • Gathering data to fulfill deliverables
  • Introduction to Tools to gather data
    • Identifying questions you need to ask (scope)
    • Utilizing open-end questions
    • Fact finder (capturing information)
    • Who (stakeholders) do you interview?

Class IV – Advanced Concepts in Technology for the Consultant

  • How to utilize the technology as a consultant
  • Other technological tools available to the agricultural consultant
    • How to make your presentations looks better

Class V – Designing, Delivering and Evaluating the Consulting Solution

  • Does there need to be a review of the scope and of the data?
  • Setting strategies, goals and targets
  • How to present a solution that will be accepted, gain buy-in
  • Providing ROI for changes made
  • Maintaining the consulting solution (quality control)
  • Describing the problem, determining most important factors that contribute to the problem, visualizing what success looks like and creating actions to lead to success.

Class VI – Negotiating the Consulting Engagement

  • Identify the scope of the project
    • Fact finding that leads to the appropriate scope
    • Determine the most appropriate and relevant issues
    • Outlining the deliverables
      • In depth review of the various theories of negotiation
      • Writing the consulting agreement
      • Relevant role playing to enable practicing

Class VII – Selling the Consulting Process

  • Selling cycle
    • The participants strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus their business to target markets, as well as identify areas to improve
  • Marketing plan
  • Personalities
    • What is their personality type?
    • What are the characteristics of each personality type?
    • What are the physical needs of each personality type?
    • What are the emotional needs of each personality type?
    • How to work with each personality type
  • Body language analysis
  • Negotiating
    • Study of body language and the connection to negotiation
  • Communication
    • Written and oral, emails and text messages, frequency of communication, mode of communication, etc.

Contact Hours: 24 hours

Accreditation: This course is required for the AAC

George Baird AFM, AAC
Fred Hepler, AFM, AAC

Pricing: $999.00 Member / $1,279.00 Non-Member

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