Oregon Chapter 7-Hour National USPAP Update

When:  Jan 10, 2024 from 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM (MT)

The underlying theme of all sections are USPAP requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers. Discussion will focus on specific USPAP revisions and afford you the opportunity to apply this information through case studies and a review of frequently asked questions and responses of various USPAP topics. The material emphasizes the role of the appraiser, the appraiser's impartiality associated with this role, and helps clarify concepts such as scope of work and when USPAP applies. The special responsibilities of the appraiser with regard to impartiality are explored in detail.

Contact Hours: 7 hours
Instructor: Charles H. Fisher
8:30-4:30 - Check in will start at 8:00

Vicki Champ | 503-910-5952 | vchamp@comcast.net

Katelyn Johnson | 303-692-1224 | kjohnson@asfmra.org


Roth's Hospitality Center
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Salem, OR 97304