Rural Sales Analysis and Verification Seminar |Education Week 2024 | Hybrid

When:  Jul 18, 2024 from 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM (CT)

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The development of a reliable market database includes the discovery, verification, analysis, and archiving of real estate sales. The objective of this seminar is to focus primarily on the verification process. The class participant’s past experience in these four steps is likely varied, but complete sales analysis is not possible without in-depth sales verification.

Learning Goals:

1. Demonstrate the need for organization and rehearsal of the verification process including whether there is a need for cash equivalency analysis.

2. Illustrate the attributes and limitations of sales verification with the three traditional parties to a transaction.

3. Explore face-to-face, telephone, and several alternatives to traditional verbal sales verification.

4. Explore different behavior / personality styles and their impact / relationship to the sales verification approach.

5. Identify, prepare, and rehearse responses to key objections most often encountered by appraisers when verifying sales.

6. Create and practice a logical sequence of questions to help overcome the sensitivity of the person being interviewed.

7. Explore the components and merit of a well-designed sale sheet.

Key Topics:
1. Sales Verification Details

2. Appraisal Industry & Government Rules-Regulations

3. Reasons For Sales Verification / Methods / Priorities

4. Behavior /Personality Styles

5. Sales Verification Process

6. Sales Allocation & Cash Equivalency

7. Sales Verification Examples


Important Note:

Insight & Consulting Talent Optimization Consultant Jill Berg will present Predictive Index material via Zoom as part of this seminar. The students will be provided a link and take the Predictive Index assessment prior to the start of class. PI results will provide the student with self-awareness of their own behavior / personality style. During the seminar, the student will develop an awareness of how their style impacts others. The student will also learn listening skills, improve open ended question skills, and understand the differences between soft / medium/ hard questions. Registration needs to be completed no later than July 8th for this to occur. Late registrants will not receive their PI results.

A laptop will be required during the course.

Instructors: Brian Gatzke, ARA and Paul Reisch, ARA
In-Person - $319 Member / $499 Non-Member |  Virtual - $519 Member / $699 Non-Member


Katelyn Johnson
(303) 692-1224