Principles of Permanent Planting Valuation Seminar | Education Week 2024 | Hybrid

When:  Jul 16, 2024 from 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM (CT)

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Beginning with an introduction to the basic concepts and types of permanent plantings, the course covers a wide array of topics including trellis systems, plant density, row orientation, and the impact of elevation and topography on planting feasibility. Additionally, the course explores environmental protection measures, lifecycle stages, and the influence of location, soil, climate, and irrigation on plantings. The seminar also addresses yields, commodity prices, management practices, data sources, the principles of highest and best use, non-real property considerations, and valuation approaches including cost, income, and sales comparison. Through this course, students will gain insights into market perceptions, management practices, and valuation techniques, preparing them for practical application in the field of permanent planting valuation.

Instructors: Ben Slaughter, ARA

Pricing: In person - $269 Member / $449 Non-Member | Virtual - $469 Member / $649 Non-Member


Katelyn Johnson
(303) 692-1224