Ag Land Management 2

Education Offerings

The ASFMRA offers a variety of types of education for Appraisal, Farm Management and Consulting, and Continuing Education seminars. Take a look at what we have to offer. There is something for everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned professional. ASFMRA is an internationally recognized leader in Appraisal, Farm Management and Agricultural Consulting training.  We are a not-for-profit professional society and a sponsoring member of the Appraisal Foundation.  We have been providing education since 1929 and serve all jurisdictions in the United States.

Farm Management Education

ASFMRA is an internationally recognized provider of farm management courses. We are a not-for-profit professional society established in 1929 to serve the profession of Farm Management. We provide education and professional designations and serve all jurisdictions in the United States.

ASFMRA offers the best Farm Management and Ag Consulting education available in the market place today.  Take a look at the education that we have offer. and take the next step to differentiate yourself from others in the profession.  You want to set yourself apart from other farm managers, then get designated today!  Take a look at our education schedule to see what is being offered near you! If you have any questions about the approvals of the courses, you can contact Deanna Ilk at 303-692-1222 or 

Ag Land Management 2

Presentation and Selling Skills

  • How to prepare an oral presentation
  • How to effectively use visual aids
  • Speaking to the media
  • Learn about the selling cycle
  • Body language

Negotiation, Conflict Management, Business Proposals and Expert Witnesses

  • Understand the 5 keys to negotiating
  • How to identify and handle conflict
  • How to prepare a business proposal
  • What is an expert testimony and how to prepare for it
  • Professionalism

Business Communication, Controls, Security and Business Structure

  • How to best develop and write business documents
  • Understanding contracts
  • Organizing emails and phone calls
  • Business ethics
  • Explanation and benefits of different types of business structures

Contact Hours: 24 hours

Accreditation: This course is required for the AFM and the AAC

List of Approvals