Valuing Rural America

Valuing Rural America: Foundations of Data Analysis reflects a new way of analyzing data when preparing credible valuations.  It is designed as a textbook for all appraisers, regardless of their career stage and level of experience, as well as for the consumers of appraisal services.


For beginning appraisers, this primer provides them with exhibits and appraisal reports to help them not only understand how to complete their first appraisal assignment, but the opportunity to actually see an example of a completed and substantiated appraisal report.

For mid-level appraisers, the textbook can provide a road map for understanding proportional analysis in order to increase efficiency.  Readers will gain valuable information on how to use proportional analysis and be able to better understand how to compare properties with different components of value.

For seasoned appraisers, the textbook will provide a deeper dive into data analysis so that they can better support themselves and their clients in a court of law.  It will also show the seasoned appraiser how refinements in data analysis can help them be more effective and efficient in delivering their appraisal services.

For consumers of appraisal services the textbook will not only describes what the appraiser should be doing but will also inform the reader on what is required to produce a credible and defendable appraisal report.

This textbook is truly the “new” beginning and will complement the prior body of knowledge, provide procedures for consistent data analysis and revisit the evolution of proportional analysis explored by members of ASFMRA.    Valuing Rural America reflects the efforts of designated members of The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and other volunteers. Their involvement is a testament to the profession’s commitment to move the body of knowledge forward and to ensure that the text takes a central role in the canon of professional literature.

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