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ASFMRA Leadership Institute


The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers has made the difficult decision to cancel two of its signature in-person events in 2020: Education Week and Leadership Institute.

While this was not an easy decision, we feel it is the correct one not only for the Society but for its members as well. The uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic has injected risk in so many facets of our businesses and lives. By providing virtual education experiences, the ASFMRA hopes to mitigate these risks while remaining the most trusted resource for rural property professionals and the clients they serve.

We are still looking forward to the 2020 ASFMRA Annual Conference this November in San Antonio, Texas, where we hope to recognize the members who earned their accreditation in uncertain times, learn from industry leaders and experts, and celebrate the strength of our community.

I appreciate your continued support of the Society through these difficult times, and wish most of all for the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Thank you for what you do.

Paul Moore SignaturePaul Moore, ARA, RPRA
2019-20 ASFMRA President

About the ASFMRA Leadership Institute

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers has had a leading voice in ag policy discussions for almost two decades. Through our lobbying efforts and the Leadership Institute, ASFMRA has gained a reputation in Washington and built solid relationships with key policymakers. Some of the previous years' speakers included: USDA Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Dave Button with the Appraisal Foundation,  Representative Mike Conaway, John Hays, Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst with Farm Credit Council and Bart Fischer, House Ag Committee Chief Economist—to name a few.  Thanks to our sponsor, Pioneer we are able to bring communications and advocacy training prior to delegates individual visits with their state representatives. 

The Leadership Institute is your chance to get hands-on leadership training that you can apply to both your personal and professional life. As a Leadership Institute delegate you will:

  • Meet influential government officials and key staffers.
  • Participate in pre-meeting preparation training including a webinar with ASFMRA lobbyist Stephen Frerichs. 
  • Receive top-notch communication and advocacy training from the Wixted Group.
  • Make appointments with your state congressional leadership to discuss the biggest issues facing ag policy today.
  • Receive an official ASFMRA dress shirt from Lands End
  • Sightsee in Washington D.C.
  • Discover your leadership potential. 

For Farm Managers and Consultants:

The Farm Management and Consultant Program is specifically designed for individuals in these professions. Your Leadership Institute experience will be designed to cover the most important legislative issues you face in your daily business and is designed to bring you the most accurate information from government officials making the laws that affect you. 

The Farm Manager and Consultant Program starts on the morning of Monday, September 14, 2020, and concludes with an overnight stay at the Chesapeake Farms. Those attending this program MUST plan to leave Washington D.C. no earlier than 4:00 PM on Friday, September 18. There are only 20 spots available and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan to attend, please pre-register to get your name on the list. 

For Appraisers:

The Appraiser Program is specifically designed for individuals in the rural appraisal profession. The program starts on the morning of Monday, September 14, 2020, and concludes at 3:00 PM on Thursday, September 17. 

The appraisers have the opportunity to meet the United States Government Appraisal Services Departments for USDA –NRCS & FSA & US Forest Service, Department of Interior ASD, Department of Justice, US Treasury (IRS), US Corps of Engineering, Department of Transportation, and several other key departments with rural property exposure.  This is combined with the presentations by Associations including American Banking Association, Farm Credit Council,  and Bank of Cooperatives, including other associations active with rural property promotion such as The Land Trust Alliance, US Waterfowl (Ducks Unlimited), The Nature Conservancy, and other Environmental and Natural Resource Organizations including The Appraisal Foundation, The Appraisal Standards Board, and The Appraisal Qualifications Board, etc. Over the course of two full days, the appraisers have an opportunity to expand their own knowledge of the profession and expand on networking opportunities directly with the department of US Government and trade associations.

There are only 10 spots available for the appraiser program and they fill up fast! Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan to attend, please pre-register to get your name on the list. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and gain useful tools you can apply to your professional life and get a birds-eye view of your government in action. While a number of attendees are chapter sponsored, individuals are also encouraged to apply. Remember, this leadership training is available and beneficial to managers, appraisers and consultants. Tuition to attend, your airfare to Washington, DC and back, plus any incidental expenses and meals not covered by the Institute. Your tuition includes a shared sleeping room. If you desire a private room, delegates are required to pay the additional costs for the nights you stay. Alumni of this event all agree that it is a very worthwhile ASFMRA event!


Many ASFMRA Chapters provide scholarships for one or two members of their Chapter to attend the Leadership Institute. The scholarship typically covers tuition and lodging during the Leadership Institute however details may vary based on each individual Chapter.  To find out if your Chapter provides a scholarship please contact your Chapter Secretary. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I attend the Leadership Institute?

A: The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers™ (ASFMRA℠)  coveted Leadership Institute is a unique opportunity for ASFMRA members to enhance their leadership skills and gain unprecedented access to key decision makers shaping our nation’s agricultural policy. Those who attend will receive top-notch communications and advocacy training, discuss industry issues with policymakers, meet influential government officials, and visit the offices of state congressional leadership. You will leave the Leadership Institute with enhanced leadership skills, a better understanding of government policy and new connections with people across the country. 

Q: Who should attend ASFMRA’s Leadership Institute?

A: Any ASFMRA member who wishes to improve their leadership skills and has an interest in gaining a birds-eye view of our government in action should attend the Leadership Institute. 

Q: Why is the registration deadline so early?

A: Due to the nature of the event, it is imperative that all Leadership Institute delegates are well prepared for their trip to Washington D.C. The month before the institute, all individuals selected to attend will participate in a “What to Expect” webinar with ASFMRA Government Relations Representative Stephen Frerichs prior to event and will also be prepped with talking points for their Hill visits and advocacy training. 

Q: When should I start making appointments with my representatives on the Hill?

A: Three weeks out.

Q: How can do I get a scholarship to go the Leadership Institute?

A: There are two ways an individual can receive a scholarship to attend the Leadership Institute. The first is through your employer. The second is through your ASFMRA local Chapter. To find out if your Chapter provides scholarships please contact your Chapter Secretary.

Q: My Chapter is paying for my registration fees, how do I complete my registration without payment?

A: When an ASFMRA Chapter provides a scholarship to an individual to attend Leadership Institute the Chapter will provide a reimbursement for the portion they are covering. It is up to the individual to pay all registration fees up front and contact their respective Chapter for reimbursement.