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ASFMRA Annual Conference

Does Organic Certification Add Value?

Mark Van Den BergPresented by: Mark Van Den Berg
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Gain some new knowledge on organic certification and find out if and how the market recognizes added value.  Learn about the certification process, the time it takes for approval and the requirements.  Get an idea of the potential environmental and economic benefits and examine the myriad of market forces impacting value including location, size and economics.  Get your questions answered in regards to how and why values differ on properties that are certified organic when compared to conventional agricultural properties.

Impact and Analysis of Water Costs, Availability and Reliability on Farmland Values in the SW

Matt Marschall, ARAPresented by: D. Matt Marschall, ARA
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Learn about the impact that water costs, reliability and availability have on farmland values in the Southwest United States, with an emphasis on desert agriculture as well as drought stricken California.  These factors will be discussed along with the impact they have on valuation including a discussion of some of the methodology, analytics and appropriate data to quantify these factors.  Also discussed will be some mitigating cultural practices, fallowing programs, investor sensitivity to the water issue, investment criteria and business practices to manage water associated risk.

How Farmers Get Information Today

Margy EckelkampPresented by: Margy Eckelkamp
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More than 80% of farmers use a cell phone, and more than 70% of them say “they always have it with them when doing farm work.” There are new ways to connect, communicate and share information with farmers. All of these developments have happened while there’s still a very strong base of the industry with a strong affinity for traditional media as well. This session will provide a look at the key drivers changing farmers’ habits and how you can respond. This will include sharing best practices for social media and brand reputation online.

Key Trends in Agriculture Today

Presented by: Margy Eckelkamp
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We are entering a new era of agriculture. Consolidation, challenged on-farm profitability, larger farmers with an aging demographic, and technology are just four of the key drivers changing the industry today. This session will cover the dozen trends you need to know and keep your eye on to be an industry leader.

USPAP & the Work File 2018

Mary MarshallPresented by: Mary Marshall
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Do you know what is required to be in your workfile according to USPAP? What happens if a State Regulator requires you to submit one of your files for auditing…Is your workfile adequate?

Scope of Work – What Went Wrong & Now What Do I Do?

Ronald AlfredPresented by: Ronald Alfred
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Gain some additional knowledge on USPAP and UASFLA (Yellow Book) Scope of Work as this sessions presents some “real world” situations depicting why and when the “original” Scope of Work is inadequate or inappropriate. Learn what to do to change the “original” Scope of Work to comply with USPAP Standards 1 and 2, and how to avoid potential regulatory/licensing/compliant situations and other possible client issues.