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2021 ASFMRA Annual Conference

Autonomous Agronomy Equipment

Mark LedebuhrPresenter: Mark Ledebuhr

What is this thing called “autonomy” and what does it mean to the appraisal process? This is a wide-ranging talk that will introduce concepts and degrees of autonomous equipment, market motivations for adoption, and changes in risk & depreciation considerations. The “Autonomy Ecosystem” will be described, along with indicators that can be used to help assess whether the client will be successful in implementing and using the equipment and to what extent it’s value might be conserved as collateral. Attendees should gain an understanding of the unique challenges and benefits of implementing autonomy and leave with a better understanding of the questions to ask and things to look for to make an informed collateralization when this type of equipment is encountered.

Unique Challenges with USPAP Application

Lisa DesmarisPresenter: Lisa Desmaris
USPAP is written in a way to provide an appraiser with broad flexibility and significant responsibility when they are determining how to complete an appraisal or appraisal review assignment. But precisely because USPAP does not prescribe rigid solutions for the thousands of possible assignment particulars, sometimes unique circumstances can cause an appraiser to pause and have to very carefully think through the USPAP requirements. In this session, we will discuss some unique scenarios and the more applicable USPAP requirements.

Barn Again - Valuation of Improved Barns

Ray Wagester, ARAPresenter: Ray Wagester, ARA
In "Barn Again," we will discuss issues associated with appraising over-improved or super-adequate rural facilities. The primary emphasis will be on lifestyle facilities. Attendees will learn to identify the appraisal factors associated with super adequate life style improvements. They will also be exposed to a variety of examples, and discuss some of the approaches or techniques appropriate for valuating these properties.

Autonomous Robotic Dairy Technology

Presenter: Nick Kunkel
This presentation will focus on a systematic method for robotic milking equipment. It is important to understand the myriad different approaches manufactures are taking and their historical presence and commitments in this ever-changing technology. Attendees will gain a sustainable understanding of Dairy robotics and how to comparatively evaluate and value a particular dairy to be fair to you, your profession, the lender and the dairy farm as well.

And More!

Additional topics include:
  • Rural Valuation Topics (RVT) White Papers
  • Land Values from Organic, GMO, and Natural Production
  • Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM) Validation
  • Livestock Bio Digester Revolution