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2021 ASFMRA Annual Conference

Annual Conference Ag Tour

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022
6:00 AM – 1:30 PM CT

Come and join us in Hondo, Texas, to meet with three family-owned ag businesses!

Guests of this unique tour will begin the day with coffee and snacks at Café Bocadillo before visiting Reus Grain, where they will hear from Mark and Nelson Reus on the various aspects of their business. They'll also have a chance to meet with the owners and operators of Medina Ag.

  • Reus Grain SignReus Grain
    Reus Grain is a third-generation grain operation that produces up to 1 million bushels annually. They also grow their own corn, milo, wheat, oats and cotton on the family farm.

  • Medina Ag
    Medina Agriculture Products has provided the highest quality, Medina Logobiologically based soil conditioners and natural/organic fertilizers since 1962. The target of our products starts with getting your soil conditions right so that it can support life and plants.

The tour will continue with lunch at the nearby Graff 7A Ranch, where owner Ken Graff will provide an overview of his family's agritourism business.

  • Graff 7A RanchGraff 7A Ranch
    The Graff 7A Ranch is a 5th generation farm and ranch with a family friendly fall corn maze and monthly music events. Our motto is to make memories worth repeating! We want to allow people the opportunity to have fun on the farm and ranch at a reasonable price, and share with them how agriculture plays an important role in their lives everyday.

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