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Member Spotlight: Andrew Rahn, ARA

By ASFMRA Press posted 06-20-2023 08:57 AM


This edition of the ASFMRA Member Spotlight will focus on Andy Rahn, the current President of the Montana Chapter of the ASFMRA, as well as the owner of Montana Land Source, based in Billings, Montana.

How did you begin your career in agriculture?

After getting my degree in Land Resource Science at Montana State University, I was hired by an ARA doing property research and GIS mapping. I helped develop a database of mapped listings and sales.

Can you describe the work done by your company, Montana Land Source?

My company maps and tracks all large-acreage land listings and sales across all of Montana, and makes that information available to subscribers. It is the only resource available for all properties available on the market.

What big trends do you see on the horizon in your region?

The market is going to be in a low-volume recovery for a while. Demand is still high, but inventory is low, and its difficult to see where new inventory will come from. One possibility is that some of the many out-of-state buyers who bought impulsively in 2020 - 2022 will sell if conditions in Montana, such as weather, don’t match their expectations. None the less, I think we are going to see far fewer transactions then we have been used to for years to come.

What have you found most fulfilling in your career?

Pivoting from writing appraisal reports to developing an online property data resource has been very challenging and rewarding. Achieving respect within the industry from some who were skeptical at first has been especially fulfilling.

Lastly, what do you like to do with your time outside of work?

All things outdoors – hiking, skiing, camping, gardening, fishing, hunting and going to music festivals.