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Fact Checking the 6666 Ranch Story

By ASFMRA Press posted 03-29-2022 08:13 AM

Earlier this year, the ASFMRA ran a story in its bi-weekly newsletter, Ag News, covering the sale of the famous Four Sixes Ranch in Texas to Taylor Sheridan, creator of the hit TV show “Yellowstone.” This story contained inaccurate and incomplete information pertaining to the sales price and acreage of the Four Sixes Ranch. The article, which appeared on the “Taste of Country” website, made the following statement regarding the transaction:

“The legendary Four Sixes Ranch […] was recently sold for just under $200 million to a group that's believed to be led by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Initial listings show that the owners sought more than $340 million for the 143,000-acre property.”

In actuality, the Four Sixes Ranch was comprised of three non-contiguous parcels totaling 265,965 acres that was listed at approximately $342 million, and a group represented by Taylor Sheridan purchased the whole property at an undisclosed price.

Members of the Texas Chapter of the ASFMRA were first to recognize the article’s errors and omissions, 
as membership had played a part in all phases of the transaction. Texas Chapter members were involved as listing agents and facilitated the sale of the heritage ranch, as appraisers who appraised the property for due diligence for the buyers and temporary and permanent financing for lenders, as well as officers in organizations which provided permanent financing.

The 143,000-acre listing mentioned in the article refers to only the Four Sixes headquarters at Guthrie in King County, Texas, and does not include the 114,165 acres listed for the Dixon Creek Division at Borger in Carson County and Hutchinson County, or the 9,428 acres listed for the Frisco Creek Division near Stratford in Sherman County. These listings were priced at approximately $192 million, $137 million and $12 million, respectively.

The transaction included a wealth of other assets, such as mineral rights, native pasture, improved pasture, pivot irrigated farmland, 8,500 head of livestock, 1,200 horses, a horse division which has facilities and specializes in artificial insemination, an extensive list of equipment/rolling stock, furnishings, art and the historic Four Sixes brand and other intellectual property.

The ASFMRA proudly offers best-in-class education and networking to help prepare rural appraisers for the tasks involved in the valuation of complex properties like the Four Sixes Ranch.

All photos credited to Wyman Meinzer.