Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Travis Shaykett

By ASFMRA Press posted 03-24-2021 12:29 AM

Shaykett_Family.pngFor this Member Spotlight, we're sharing a profile on Travis Shaykett, who serves as a Committee Chair for the South Dakota Chapter of the ASFMRA. Travis works as an appraiser for the family business, Shaykett Appraisal Company, and is based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

When did you begin your career in agriculture?

While agriculture has always been in my family, my career in ag began when I started my appraisal career in 2008. After college I started working in the family business which included appraising agricultural properties.

Describe your experience and education related to the property professional field (appraisal, farm management, consulting, academic relation).

In achieving my certified general appraiser license and encouragement from Jim Dunlap, I took several qualifying education classes from ASFMRA. I continue to take continuing education as the topics provide quality education as it pertains to my appraisal work. ASFMRA instructors do a good job teaching and discussing current topics that relate specifically to appraising agricultural properties.

Describe why you remain a chapter member of the South Dakota ASFMRA and your experience as Education Committee Chair.

Being a member of the South Dakota Chapter provides a great network of connections to discuss agricultural topics. Attending meetings and events is a great way to stay current with market information and develop friendships. My experience as education committee chair has been mostly good. It has been rewarding to learn how a new course/seminar comes together and the amount of time an instructor spends to get it approved, I have a new appreciation for the course developers and instructors.

Describe personal background items that would be of interest to fellow chapter members (e.g. family, ethnic heritage, other communities lived, other jobs / careers, main hobbies or interests).

I am married to a beautiful wife named Katie and we have four wonderful children, and we live outside of Dell Rapids. Our hobbies and interests are riding horses, hiking, exploring new places, and spending as much time outside as possible.

Describe a few memorable or unique experiences in your life including a professional experience that was especially fulfilling / rewarding.

The things I enjoy most about being an appraiser is every job is different, you get to meet new people, travel to different places, and learn about different business and industries in our area. The most rewarding experiences is learning from and working with my dad on various jobs, I have been extremely fortunate to have him as a teacher.