Member Spotlight: Chelsey Pizel

By ASFMRA Press posted 08-24-2020 06:23


KimLarson_Headshot.jpgGet to know the Minnesota and North Dakota Chapters' Chelsey Pizel! A recent addition to the ASFMRA, Ms. Pizel joined the Society in January 2020 and currently works for Crown Appraisals in Fargo, North Dakota. Pictured: Chelsey Pizel with her fiance, Jason.

When did you begin your career in agriculture? Why?

As a child I spent a great deal of time on my grandpa's farm. I also spent many hours with my uncle - who is a Sales Agronomist and also farms - checking fields, conducting yield checks, and conversing with farmers. Agriculture has always been a significant part of my life so a career in this industry was an easy choice. I graduated from North Dakota State University with my Bachelor's degree in Agribusiness in May 2014. Immediately after college I worked as a Sales Agronomist for 5 years then made the switch into the appraisal business in January 2020.

What ag issues are you most passionate about? Why?

A prominent issue facing the agriculture industry today is farm income and profitability. Farm operations, along with most agribusinesses, are experiencing tight margins and reduced profitability due to prolonged lower commodity prices coupled with increased input costs. Agriculture is a lifestyle, with hard work and dedication. I am passionate about feeding the world in a manner that is profitable for both our farmers and agribusinesses.

What have been the most impactful changes in your industry over the past 10 years? What changes would you like to see?

The last decade has witnessed a large amount of consolidation, both on the farm level and within agribusinesses. We are seeing a fewer number of operations that are much larger in size. Machinery and equipment has expanded with technology to become more efficient. I look forward to seeing the continued technological advances in upcoming years.

Describe an ag-related professional experience that was especially fulfilling/rewarding.

As a Sales Agronomist, I thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with growers by extending professional advice and recommendations. Customers viewed me as their trusted advisor when it came to their crop production needs. As I gain experience in the appraisal business, my goal is to continue to build strong relationships and become a trusted valuation expert to help clients with their business needs.