Paying It Forward, ASFMRA Style

By ASFMRA Press posted 27 days ago


Paying It Forward, ASFMRA Style 

By Rex Wilcox, AFM

RexWilcox_AnnualConference2019.jpgThanks to the ASFMRA and Iowa Chapter awards committees for the D. Howard Doane award I received at the 2019 Louisville convention.  I appreciate the recognition from my peers.  There are many people deserving credit for their input to my career, making it possible to be considered for the award.

My farm management experience began in 1973 with Stalcup Ag Service at an opportune time, which allowed becoming acquainted and able to work with many influential ASFMRA members.

My first contact with a farm manager was Bob Walters of Hertz who sold my father a farm.  I was impressed with Bob and curious about his profession, which resulted in attending Iowa State University to major in farm management.  Bob was also my first instructor at an Iowa Chapter new member seminar.

In addition to my farm family emphasizing hard work, soil conservation and handling other’s possessions with care, there were many ASFMRA members and ag business professionals who shared their expertise to educate a young manager:

  • Arne Waldstein and Buck Stalcup were great teachers with high expectations at Stalcup. 
  • David Peterson conducted my AFM oral exam, encouraged Society participation and became a lifelong friend.
  • Roger Johnson was a pro, training me as an instructor.
  • Ray Brownfield asked me to rewrite and upgrade management ed material. Henry Long reviewed the new versions in detail to produce a quality curriculum.
  • Gary Thien and Steve Rutledge were co-developers of further improvements, which included the famous TRW case studies. Paul Joerger came into the process a little later helping with development, teaching and humor.
  • Dale Aupperle was a constant source of ideas and encouragement.ASF_7874.jpg
  • Joe Durant, undoubtedly the best story telling ASFMRA member ever, found side splitting humor in our daily professional encounters. 
  • My wife, Cathy, kept our household and family on track through the years of teaching, accrediting and committee work. She also served as an on-site accreditation assistant.
  • A host of other talented individuals leading by example: 
  • Jay Luse, Keith Carlson, Bob Halderman, Daryl Hoyle, Layton Hosyler, Ted Glaub, John Cotton, Carl Hertz, Jim Hutchinson, Charlie Cooley, Dick Isaacson, Darrell Limkeman, Lynn Henderson, Jim & Mary Rickert, Don Johnson, Ed Roach, Kelly Summy, Tom Boyer, Jerry Warner, and Stalcup partner Lyn Berkland.
  • The American Society Denver office was a valuable source of skill and assistance making difficult processes in management ed and accreditation come together smoothly. All the staff was outstanding, especially my contemporaries, Nancy Hardiman and John Ross.
  • Stalcup’s staff and managers provided free Society input preparing educational material and pinch hitting for me when I was handling ASFMRA assignments.

ASF_7882.jpgAll of these individuals plus many others are associated with a positive experience and a base of knowledge that I could not have achieved except by participating in the ASFMRA.

In summary, the D. Howard Doane award is given to an individual; however, in my experience it is really a reflection of all the professionals who cared enough to pay it forward.  The ASFMRA provides each member the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of generations of farm management, appraisal, and consultation professionals.

Thanks again to everybody.  This award is a bonus in addition to four decades of benefits realized as an ASFMRA member.