Member Spotlight: Marlo T. Dill, ARA

By ASFMRA Press posted 02-15-2019 11:03


Dill_in_a_suit.jpgMarlo Dill is the President and head appraiser of AGCO-Dill & Associates LLC, an agricultural fee appraisal shop that she opened in 2004. She has been a member of ASFMRA since 1994, before she started her career in the ag appraisal industry in 1995. In this exclusive Member Spotlight, get to know Marlo, her inspiration, and what her typical day looks like!

How long have you been working in agriculture appraisal/management? And what other positions have you held in the industry?

My career in the ag appraisal industry began in 1995, following graduation from California State University at Fresno with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business. From the beginning I have specialized in larger acreage farm and ranch appraisal throughout Oregon and California. I have had the pleasure of donating my time on the Executive Council for ASFMRA as District VII VP. It was a great experience meeting ASFMRA members throughout the country.

What inspired you to get into ag appraisal/management work?

Having grown up on an irrigated row crop farm in the Salinas Valley, I always knew that I wanted to work within the agricultural industry. While at Fresno State I took the beginning ag appraisal class taught by Tony Correia, ARA and had the opportunity to work at Correia-Xavier Inc. for nearly three years, before moving to Oregon to start a family. I knew that I wanted to have kids and be a part of their daily life and being an independent contractor has afforded me that opportunity. My family - husband John of 22 years, kids Cassidy 19, Natalie 16 and Clayton 13 - have always been my priority. Not to say that we haven’t been late to some functions because I had to get a project off my desk before I could leave or I missed a game here or there along the way.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as typical with my tasks from day to day. Office days include research and computer time, however one can only sit at a desk for so long. Phone interviews, whether it be confirming a sale, interviewing market participants or gathering information for a new project to bid, are frequent. Field work is by far the best part of the appraisal process. Inspecting agricultural real estate and working with farmers and ranchers continues to be intriguing.

What is a work accomplishment you are especially proud of?

Building Appraisal Group of Central Oregon with my associate Greg Moore, MAI and more specifically AGCO-Dill & Associates LLC. In addition to the appraisal of agricultural real estate with over 21 year’s experience, we are now offering real estate brokerage services as well.

If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself when first getting into the industry?

Stick with it! Agricultural real estate appraisal is an excellent and rewarding career choice! Knowing what I know now I would have nurtured more working relationships as it has been the foundation of my career. Members of ASFMRA really want to see you succeed and are there to help. Ask more questions and seek input from others more readily, rather than just trying to figure it out by trial and error.

Looking forward, what work project or assignment are you excited about?

I have multiple large ranch projects on the books, ranging in size between 8,500 to over 35,000+/- acres. It continues to be fun for me to get out and look at the nuances of each ranch. There is something to be learned from every operator which is part of what continues to make agricultural appraisal work interesting to me.

Have just applied to be on the Oregon Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board, it is an appointed position by the Governor.  I feel that this will be a good opportunity for me to give back to the appraisal industry.

And now for a couple of questions just for fun….

Many of us spend a lot of time on the road visiting farms. Do you have a current favorite album/audio book/podcast?

AM Talk Radio and by the time that I get to my destination I am usually ready to turn it off!

What’s your coffee shop drink of choice?

Black coffee in the morning, iced green tea in the afternoon.

What is your ideal vacation?

Since I have a hard time talking my family into staycations, Diamond Lake is our go to - very relaxing. Whether we take a tent or rent a cabin, fun is always had by all. My family and I live on a beautiful irrigated farm in Central Oregon which makes it easy to stay home. I really enjoy gardening and if you’re gone for too long the high desert heat will burn the veggies right up. Being self-employed, taking much time off is something that I never seem to plan for.

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