By ASFMRA Press posted 06-23-2018 21:00


How great would it be to sit in a room and find it full of other people who are  all employed in your field of interest?

When you are just getting started in your career it can be difficult to find a group of professionals to network with and support your growth. How do you find a group of people who are all passionate about your field of interest?

Answer: Join an association, ASFMRA to be exact.

If you are interested in a career in ag join ASFMRA today! Student membership is free and provide you with the opportunity to network with the most trusted rural property professionals.

Benefits of Joining:

1) Access to internships and job opportunities.

2) Networking events & conferences with the best in the business across North America.

3) Educational opportunities sponsored by individual chapters - Most ASFMRA chapters offer scholarships to students finishing up their degree or those pursuing professional education through ASFMRA.

4) Access to ASFMRA's Ag Pro Link Community - a place where you can ask questions, compare notes and discuss troubles and trends affecting the industry

5) Updates on policies at the state and national level that impact ag - ASFMRA alerts its members to major policy changes and advocates for the profession.

6) A code of ethics - being a member of an association that holds you accountable for your actions in the field provides you a leg up as you look for a job or your first client. Trustworthiness and credibility are important and associations can help you learn the best practices and industry standards.

7) It's a resume booster - show your employers and clients that you are proud to do what you do and that you have a vested interest in the field you're planning to enter.

8) Mentoring programs - senior members of an association were once in your shoes and can provide advice on interviewing, determining your specialty and getting started

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