Resume Writing 101

By ASFMRA Press posted 02-26-2018 10:30

With only 3 months left of school now is the time to be looking ahead at summer jobs and internships.  Having a well crafted resume is an essential part of the application process.  Here are some tips on how to write a good resume:

1) Keep it clean.  Give your resume a sharp format that is easy to read.  Keep the margins wide, use bullet points to highlight major accomplishments, don't use a crazy font and use bold and italicized fonts sparingly (only to lead the reader).  Make sure you proofread it for errors.

2) Quantify your accomplishments. Why was this accomplishment important?  Use numbers and percentages to show specific quantities where applicable.

3) Craft a personal summary that immediately grabs the readers attention.  This summary should be a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch about you and why you are a great hire.

4) Highlight your skills.  What skills do you bring to the table that you think make you the best candidate for the job?  

5)  Organize it.  Make sure your resume reads in a logical manner.  This means that you are either listing your job experience chronologically or functionally.  

6) Ask for help.  If your having trouble coming up with the right words or quantifying your experience bring your resume to a professor, mentor or career coach for editing.  They will be able to provide guidance as to formatting - translating your school work into hard skills. 

If you're still actively in school and don't have a lot of hands on experience you can include applicable course work, extracurricular activities and volunteer experience on your resume.  Is there a particular ag class you took where material learned could be applied to this internship?  That is something that can be included in your resume.   
Once your resume is completed, post it to our new Ag Careers page so potential employers can view it.  While your on our website stop by our scholarships page as well. And, look for more information on job shadowing opportunities coming soon!