Education Registration Information

Accommodations, Meals & Transportation

Meals, sleeping accommodations, transportation and airfare are the responsibility of the attendee. It is recommended that you make hotel reservations 30 to 45 days in advance of the course to secure the special room rate for ASFMRA. Please inform the hotel that you are attending an ASFMRA course. Room rates quoted are for the specific room block held by the hotel for that course offering; blocks are released 4 to 5 weeks prior to the course. Attendees are also responsible for transportation and airfare to and from the class. It is recommended that a refundable ticket be purchased.

The ASFMRA reserves the right to change faculty, and to cancel, limit or reschedule courses at any time. If a course is canceled or rescheduled, all tuition received will be refunded in full. The ASFMRA is NOT responsible for related expenses incurred due to course cancellation or rescheduling.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Please provide the ASFMRA Education Department with 30 days advance written notification and appropriate documentation if you require accommodation in the form of auxiliary aids.AttendanceTo obtain state and ASFMRA credit, students are required to be present for all classroom hours. Verbal and written roll call is taken twice a day.


A financial calculator (HP-12c, HP-17bII or HP-19bII) or equivalent is required for all appraisal and recommended for all management courses and examinations. The HP-12c is preferred.

The ASFMRA does not furnish calculators or equipment instruction.

Cancellation/Transfer/Refund Policy & Fees

All cancellation and transfer requests must be made in writing or by email. If a participant cancels ten or fewer working days before the course begins, but prior to the first day of class, a $25 fee will be charged. No fee will be charged for cancellation received prior to that.Students who register for a course and do not appear for the course forfeit their fees. If a participant must withdraw from a course after it has started, the on-site instructor must be told when and why and the participant must send a written explanation to the ASFMRA's Education Department within 30 days.

Students may transfer to a different location or send someone else in their place without penalty.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of the course or seminar and emailed to the student within one month of completion of the course.

Challenge Exams

Challenge examinations are available for ASFMRA courses required for accreditation for ARA and RPRA except ASFMRA Ethics, USPAP, A-304, A-400, A-360, A-370, A-380 and A-390 if a student feels he/she has sufficient background and experience to do so. Requests to take a challenge examination must be made in writing and received by the Education Department a minimum of two weeks prior to taking the examination and must be accompanied by the appropriate fees. Permission to challenge an examination is at the discretion of the Appraisal education/Accrediting Committee. Arrangements for taking a challenge examination are made by contacting the Education Department.

Pass/fail grades for the examination will be available from the Education Department within ten days following the examination. If a challenge examination is successful, a certificate of completion will be issued from ASFMRA.If a passing grade is not achieved the first time the challenge examination is taken, a student must complete the entire course before testing again.Please note that most states will not give appraiser certification credit for examinations only. It is your responsibility to know whether your state accepts credit for challenge examinations.

Continuing Education

The ASFMRA conducts a continuing education program which provides an opportunity for its members to update their skills and improve their expertise in their professions. The program is mandatory for Accredited and Professional members and requires 60 hours of continuing education every three years. ASFMRA Ethics requirements must also be current. An appraiser must have a 7-hour USPAP course every two years. All Associate, Professional and Accredited members are required to take ASFMRA Best in Business Ethics course every six years.To receive credit, a member should enter their continuing education on the ASFMRA Website and include all activities that have been taken during the year. All education should be entered by December 15 each year.

Chapters are to request pre-approval of continuing education hours 30 days before their activity begins. Courses not sponsored by the ASFMRA may also be submitted 30 days in advance for pre-approval.

Course Notebooks

Course notebooks are included in the tuition and will be distributed during registration at the course site. Course notebooks may be purchased individually from the Education Department. However, materials are updated periodically and the purchase price of the notebook will not be deducted from the tuition if an individual chooses to take the course at a later date.


Class size is limited and space fills quickly, so register early! Enrolling at least 30 days in advance is recommended. Because enrollment is limited, applicants should not assume they have been enrolled until they receive an email confirmation. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If a course is filled, applicants are notified and given the options of putting their names on a waiting list for any cancellations, transferring to another course or receiving a refund.

Examinations/Grading Policies/Pass-Fail

Examinations are included in the tuition fee and given at the end of each course. Examination results are normally mailed to course participants within six weeks. Instructors will have the discretion to discuss class performance with individual students.

The ASFMRA requires a 70 percent to pass all courses. Some state regulatory boards require a 70 percent or higher to be a passing grade.

Please contact your state regulatory agency about specific requirements. (For students wanting appraiser pre-licensing credit in the states of Florida and Georgia, the passing grade must be 75 percent or higher.)


Daily assignments such as evening reading, homework and case studies may apply to any courses.

IRS Compliance

We have entered into an agreement with the Office of Director of Practice, Internal Revenue Service, to meet the requirements of 3l Code of Federal Regulations, section 10.6(g), covering maintenance of attendance records, retention of program outlines, qualifications of instructors, and length of class hours. This agreement does not constitute an endorsement by the Director of Practice as to the quality of the program or its contribution to the professional competence of the enrolled individual.


Course fees, entrance standards, and standards for successful completion of ASFMRA courses are not based on the student's race, color, sex, religion, familial status, or disability.

Prerequisites (equivalency)

The ASFMRA does not recommend that a student enroll in a course without proper preparation. It is assumed that when a student does enroll in a course, he or she has mastered the material covered in previous coursework as extra time will not be provided to review this material.


Any student who attends a course but is not successful in passing the final examination may schedule one re-examination without attending the entire course again if he/she feels comfortable with the material that was presented. The examination must be taken within twelve months of the first examination and must be pre-arranged with the Education Department a minimum of two weeks prior to taking the examination. Please note the course name, date and location of the examination that was not successfully completed. Only one reexamination is permitted.

Pass/fail grades for the examination will be available from the Education Department within 10 days after the examination is taken. A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of the examination.

Required Textbooks & Reference Materials

Required textbooks, equipment and optional materials are listed on the individual course pages. All texts and reference material for an ASFMRA course should be ordered at least 30 days before the course is scheduled to begin. Textbooks may be purchased in advance but only required textbooks will be available for purchase at the course site. Required textbooks should be brought to the course as they are often referred to by the instructors or necessary to complete homework assignments.

State Approvals

ASFMRA strives to ensure courses are approved in all states, but we cannot guarantee their approval. To verify approval of an offering, please contact the Deanna Ilk at 303-692-1222 or or your state.

Student Counseling Services

Students are welcome to work directly with course instructors during and after the course should they have questions or desire counseling regarding the course materials and/or their performance on examinations.