Mr. Karl Armstead, ARA-Retired

Omega Appraisals

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Omega Appraisals
PO Box 358
Fort Stockton, TX
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Work Phone: (432) 336-8455

Area of Expertise

  • Acquisition of Ag Lands: Ag Buyer's Representative: Broker: Appraising Special Properties: Cotton Gins: Feedyards: Feedlots: Horse Farms: Agricultural Trust Management: Agricultural Appraisals: Agricultural Mortgage Loans: Appraisal: Asset Management: Business Valuation: Certified General Real Estate Appraiser: Conservation/Scenic: Easements/Development: Rights Restrictions: Divided Interests: Estates/Planning: Farm & Ranch Appraisals: Acquisitions/Analysis: Financing/Insurance: Management/Real Estate Sales/Mortgages: Irrigated Farms: Land Appraisals/Division/Exchanges: Marketing and Sales: Personal Trust: Ranch Management: Ranch Broker: Real Estate Agent: Rural Property Appraisals: Rural Land Appraising: Tax Planning

Primary Occupation

  • Manager