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    Using Data and Technology to Value Growers' Assets Having the ability to quickly identify specific farm owners and operators and gain insight into the farm enterprise is a powerful tool - and it becomes even more powerful when you can use it to enhance ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I am appraising 2 - 20,000 square foot turkey finisher facilities  in Northwest Ohio.  I am looking for comparable sales or replacement cost data.  I am willing to compensate for data.  Thank you!! ------------------------------ Jennifer Wilson-Oechsle ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    Hello, I am working on an appraisal of a High Rise Layer Barn with a capacity of 168,000 birds in northwestern Ohio.  I am searching for any comparable sale data for this type of barn.  I am also looking for any obsolesce data where properties have sold ...

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