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    East Coast friends: Just messaging with a farmer in New York's Hudson Valley, who suggests that farmers "do not pay rent due to tax breaks associated with having someone farm your land." Please educate me -- is this true and typical in the area? Very ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I am appraising a hog finishing site that has a windmill that is said to generate most of the sites electricity.  Would anyone have a sale of a CAFO that uses a windmill to generate electricity that you would be willing to share?  I will reciprocate.  ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I have a new assignment to appraise two 6 year old egg laying barns that produce eggs that will be sent to the hatchery to produce the chicks for broiler facilities. I would appreciate any sales of like kind and would be willing to pay or reciprocate ...

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