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    ​​​I am appraising a 1 million bird cage layer facility in Northwest Ohio.  I am looking for sales of large layer barns and RCN data for egg processing facilities.  Part of my project is an expansion so I can share RCN data.  I am willing to compensate ...

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    Poultry Breeder

    Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I am appraising a poultry breeder house in Nebraska, and am looking for sales. Due to the limited sales data available in Nebraska, I would be interested in any sales within the Midwest. I am willing to share data that I collect or compensate for quality ...

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    When was the last time you thought to yourself "Why didn't I do that? What was I thinking?".  We all have those moments but I am here to help you avoid one.  As Chair of the Program Committee of the 89 th Annual Conference, I want to remind you one last ...

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  • Millions of Wheat Bushels Torched by Suspected Arson in Wildfire

    Farmers in northern Oregon were looking forward to harvest this year. After a dry spring and fading hopes of an above-average crop, their soft, white wheat fields started to show promise this summer. As harvest kicked off, and yields began to roll in, ... more

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