Professional Designations

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Why obtain a designation with ASFMRA?

Many ASFMRA members carry the distinction of being accredited, the highest recognition given by the Society. These designation are achieved only after years of professional service, many rigorous hours of education and comprehensive testing conducted by the Society.

ASFMRA accredited members lead today’s agribusiness by meeting the complex needs of agriculture’s changing environment. ASFMRA professionals offer expertise in biotechnology, environmental issues, changing technology, land, property, business valuation, market trends, and governmental involvement and regulations. Understanding and treating the land with respect is more than their job, it is their passion.

Those who have earned their professional designation proudly display a high level of competence and ethical fitness for the appraisal, consulting, and management professions. To earn accreditation, rigorous education and continuing education requirements must be met and extensive practical experience in the profession must be demonstrated.

Attaining a designation from the ASFMRA recognizes dedication to a profession and to personal growth. The accredited membership is a growing network of achievers. These are people seen every year at ASFMRA meetings, conventions, and educational offerings. This network of professionals is called on for advice and the exchange of information. Individuals in this network are also called upon when a client needs an ethical, highly-qualified professional to do the job.

To earn and maintain accreditation, ASFMRA members must achieve and demonstrate heightened levels of knowledge through testing, continuing education, practical field experience and ethical accountability within their designated discipline.

Requirements to Maintain Designation

To maintain designation, member must maintain Accredited membership and abide by all membership requirements. Please contact the ASFMRA for more detailed information on the Continuing Education Program.

Accredited members of the ASFMRA must participate in the ASFMRA Continuing Education program. A minimum of sixty (60) hours of approved programs must be submitted for each three-year period.

Currently, members must complete the Ethics course once every 6 years.

All appraisal members must complete the 7 Hour National USPAP every two years.

The designations the ASFMRA offers are: the Accredited Farm Manager, the Accredited Rural Appraiser, the Real Property Review Appraisers and the Accredited Agricultural Consultant.


Accredited Farm Manager

The AFM has expertise in:

  • Cash flows and partial budgets
  • Internal rate of return analysis
  • Crop/livestock and futures marketing
  • Farm plan preparation and implementation
  • Operator selection
  • Analyze all risk management practices to maximize profitability
  • Lease terms and negotiations
  • Seed, fertilizer and production input selection
  • Precision farming
  • Insurance programs
  • Irrigation technology and analysis
  • Biotechnology recommendations
  • Government program analysis
  • Environmental compliance
  • Tax regulations
  • Land/property purchases and sales
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Permanent plantings
  • Soil conservation
AFM Requirements at a Glance

  • Coursework education
  • 4 years farm/ranch management experience
  • A four-year college degree or equivalent
  • One demonstration farm plan
  • Comprehensive exam

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Accredited Rural Appraiser

The ARA has expertise in:

  • Eminent domain (condemnation) proceedings
  • Litigation involving land valuations, damages, or losses
  • Estate planning, gift valuations, or inheritance issues
  • Determining a value to sell a property
  • Loan purposes
  • Expert witness services
  • Assistance to banks and trustees in real estate holdings property division
ARA Requirements at a Glance

  • Coursework
  • Certified General Appraisal Certificate
  • 5 years of appraisal experience
  • One demonstration appraisal report
  • Six appraisal reports from log
  • Comprehensive exam

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Real Property Review Appraiser

The RPRA has expertise in:

  • Regulated lending institutions
  • Establishing review procedures as required by FIRREA
  • Ensuring USPAP compliance
  • Providing support for recommended corrections for appraisal
  • Arbitration for value difference
  • Ensuring appraisal conformity to contract and policy
  • Providing cost savings vs. permanent review staff
RPRA Requirements at a Glance

  • Coursework
  • Certified General Appraisal Certificate
  • 5 years review and appraisal experience
  • One demonstration report
  • Six appraisals reports from log
  • Comprehensive exam

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Accredited Agricultural Consultant

The AAC Expertise in:

  • Financial matters
  • Business structure
  • Human relations and Personnel management
  • Business succession planning
  • Production
  • Evolving technologies
  • Current practices
  • Operation issues
  • Marketing
AAC Requirements at a Glance

  • Coursework education
  • 4 years farm/ranch management experience
  • A four-year college degree or equivalent
  • One demonstration consulting plan
  • Comprehensive exam

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