Land Prices: What Is Driving This Vehicle Anyway?

Posted By Jaleen Edwards
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Land Prices: What Is Driving This Vehicle Anyway?

From Farmgate Blog: Very few Cornbelt farmers are unaware that 74 acres of northwestern Iowa farmland reached the $20,000 per acre mark this past week, with one farmer purchasing the land from an out of state owner. It was the second occasion in a short period of time that Sioux County, IA farmland established a new record for land values. But what is driving those values? Read more at: http://www.farmgateblog.com/article/land-prices-what-is-driving-this-vehicle-anyway


Hello You Two,I met you at the bigenning farmers class a few weeks ago. I am the guy that will be farming there by Mcminnville. I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and open with everyone that is hoping to do what you have done and begin farming. I look forward to talking to you more when we bump into each other again.WB

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