AgroNomics, Vision 2013

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A U.S. Ag Investment Conference

AgroNomics – Vision 2013 to be held October 29 – November 2, 2012 in Indianapolis, IN offers interaction opportunities for investors and fund managers together with the land management, property valuation, agricultural consulting, and rural land & property sales experts of the American Society of Farm Mangers & Rural Appraisers.

With the increasing interest among national and international investors and fund managers to acquire U.S. farm land, ASFMRA is working to meet the needs of all parties involved in these transactions. Land investors and fund managers need to:

  • Know the true value as well as the potential value of a property;
  • Be able to identify and buy valuable land and make a good investment;
  • Have the right operators to manage the property for the long term;
  • Provide solid leases to obtain positive results on their investment;
  • Obtain annual reports that accurately indicate the value and worth of the property.

ASFMRA’s farm managers, rural appraisers and agricultural consultants are the recognized industry leaders and known experts with the skill set to benefit land investors and fund managers.

Raising the Game


AgroNomics…Vision 2013 – Is a “Must Attend” conference for everyone involved with Purchasing Agricultural Property, Managing Land, Appraising and Valuing Rural Assests, or Selling Farm Land and Rural Property.

AgroNomics Trade Show

As the AgroNomics conference is part of the 83rd ASFMRA Annual Meeting, be sure to participate in the always popular Trade Show. Limited booth space is still available for the ASFMRA AgroNomics Trade Show.  Call or email now to reserve your spot in the Exhibit hall. 

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For more information about this conference, contact ASFMRA at or call 303-692-1215