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ASFMRA News – Vol. 9, Issue I [January 3, 2017]

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XXIV [December 13, 2016]

  • Congress Completes 114th Congress
  • Iowa Governor Branstad Appointed to China Post
  • USDA Announces New CRP Opportunities
  • Interest Rate Rise Poses Farm Perils
  • When Drought Becomes a Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • Lawmakers Reach Deal for California Drought Relief
  • Value of Grain Storage is Rising, So Are Elevator Profit Margins
  • Walnut Growers Could See Higher Prices Despite Record Tonnage
  • Appraisal Standards Board Issued the Third Exposure Draft of Proposed Changes for the 2018-19 Edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  • The Appraiser Qualifications Board Has Issued the Following December 2016 Q&A’s


Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XXIII [November 29, 2016]

  • Congress Returns After Election
  • EPA Announces RFS Levels for 2017
  • Risk Management Agency Changes Prevented Planting Coverage
  • Congressman Peterson Announces House Agriculture Committee Staff Changes
  • Time to Update Your Profile!
  • Who is on Trump’s Short List for Secretary of Ag?
  • USDA Changes Prevented Planting Coverage for Some Crops
  • DuPont Pioneer Touts Innovation as Merger Benefit
  • More Clarity on US Cotton Crop, an Early Market Outlook for Next Year
  • New IRS Regulations Will Adversely Impact Common REIT Transactions
  • Capital Gains Taxes and Stepped-Up Basis
  • In Memory of Hobart R. Hinderliter

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XXII [November 15, 2016]

  • Election Implications for Agriculture
  • Election Results in Few Changes to Senate and House Agriculture Committees
  • NRCS Rolls-out Revamped Conservation Stewardship Program
  • House Subcommittee to Look at Future of Appraisal Profession
  • Does Donald Trump’s Election Impact IRS’s Proposed Section 2704 Regulations?
  • ASFMRA: Sharpening Leadership and Advocacy Skills
  • Farm Leading Declines, But Remains Elevated
  • Will Argentina Steal U.S. Corn Marketshare?
  • Betting the Farm and Losing: Banks Seek Collateral for Debts
  • NRCS Opens CSP Signup
  • Turning to Turbines: As Commodity Prices Remain Low, Wind Energy Leases Offer a Welcome Source of Income for Farmers

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XXI [October 18, 2016]

  • USDA Announces Crop Year 2015 ARC/PLC Payments
  • Environmental Working Group Unveils Conservation Database, Concludes Voluntary Conservation is Failing
  • American Farm Bureau Federation Contemplating Next Farm Bill
  • USDA Launches New Rural Investment Fund
  • Education Key to Understanding FAA Drone Regulations
  • Farm Credit Administration Receives Sobering Report on Ag’s Financial Conditions
  • Global Financials Key Influencer for Rice, Cotton, Grain Markets
  • Only Time Will Tell if Farm Land Values Will Fall or Continue Their Climb
  • Appraiser Discusses Trends in Ag Land Values
  • California Water Supply Starts Year Below Average
  • Lower Almond Prices Spark Shipment Increase as New Marketing Year Begins

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XX [October 4, 2016]

  • Congress Funds Government Through December 9th
  • 2016 NASS County Cash Rents Available
  • Court Stalls OHSHA Rule Regarding Chemical Storage
  • USDA Announces 2017 Cotton Marketing Assistance Loan Rate/ 2015 ARC, PLC Payments to be made in October
  • Secretary Vilsack Testifies for Final Time before Senate Agriculture Committee
  • House, Senate Bills Would Block Proposed IRS Regulations on Valuation Discounts
  • Wheat Prices End Month at Decade Low but Set Sights on a Bottom
  • Napa Winemakers Harvesting Red Grapes Expect Better Flavor
  • $1 Million in Grants to Bolster Farm Sustainability in West

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XIX [September 20, 2016]

  • Ten Farm Managers Start Off Leadership Institute Attending ‘Lock-Up’ With NASS
  • New President Could Act Alone to Aid Farm Labor Needs, Advocates Say
  • U.S. Challenges China’s Subsidies for Corn, Rice and Wheat
  • The Heritage Foundation Attacks Farm Programs and Crop Insurance
  • Kansas City Federal Reserve Agricultural Credit Survey
  • Scarce Cash in Land of Plenty: Farmers Adjust to Downturn
  • Senate Ag Panel Approves Wildfire Management Bill
  • UPDATE: Bayer Acquires Monsanto in Deal Worth $66 Billion
  • WRDA Bill Clears Senate With Provision Easing On-Farm Fuel Storage Regs
  • Slight Dip in Farmland Values
  • The Controversial Way Wealthy Americans Are Lowering Their Estate Tax
  • USDA Reports Show ‘Too Much Grain”

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XVII [September 7, 2016]

  • Congress Returns to D.C
  • USDA Announces Dairy Relief Effort
  • FSA Announces Additional Farm Loan Funding
  • Official Notification: Proposed Amendments to be Voted on by the ASFMRA Board of Directors
  • Canadian Farmers’ Debt Seen Hitting Fresh Record High: Lender
  • Bayer Ups Its Offer for Monsanto
  • Farmland Prices Weaker This Year
  • Yield Estimates May Be Hit, Analyst Says
  • Deere Acquisition of Precision Planting Halted by DOJ, Companies Contest
  • USDA Announces Availability of Additional Farm Loan Funding
  • CoBank: Steepest Drop in Farm Income Since Great Depression
  • In Drought, Drones Help California Farmers Save Every Drop 

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XVI [August 16, 2016]

  • IRS Proposes Limitations on Valuation Discounts for Family Controlled Businesses
  • Dairy Payments Triggered
  • Farm Expenditures Decline in 2015
  • Trump Adviser: “We Need to Revamp the Farm Bill”
  • Look Out for Another Branding Survey on Wednesday, August 17th!
  • The Land Value Wave Dips
  • Lower Commodity Prices Continue to be a Drag on Farm Economy
  • Farmland Fans Keep Market Afloat
  • Bank Survey: WI Farmland Values Escalate During 2nd Quarter
  • Costs for Agriculture Production in U.S. Declined in 2015
  • Cotton Farmers Get Early ‘Merry Christmas’ With USDA Report
  • Poor Brazil Corn Harvest May Open Door for U.S. Exports
  • Rice One of the Most Manipulated Crops, Including in the U.S.


Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XV [August 2, 2016]

  • Democratic Plank: Investing in Rural America
  • Highlights from the Republican Platform
  • Conservation Practices Assessed
  • Republican and Democratic Party Platforms Agricultural/Rural Policy Positions
  • Nominations Official, Trump, Clinton Offer Different Visions on Tax Policy
  • President Obama Signs GMO Labeling Bill
  • Official Notification: Proposed Amendments to be Voted on by the ASFMRA Board of Directors
  • Look Out for Another Branding Survey Wednesday, August 17th!
  • World’s Largest Crop Robot Revolutionizing Crop Breeding
  • Farmers Advised to Cut Production Costs to Maintain Access to Capital
  • Bayer Says it Will Halt Future U.S. Sales of Insecticide
  • Appraisal Practices Board Public Meeting
  • Appraiser Qualifications Board to Provide Online Briefing to Public
  • The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Candidates for Vacancies


Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XIV [July 19, 2016]

  • House Approves GMO Labeling Agreement
  • House Blocks WOTUS, again – CR Expected in September
  • USDA Announces $49 Million for Wetland Restoration
  • Should You Swap Corn For Soybeans in 2017?
  • Farmland Values Continue Steady, Gradual Decline
  • Growers Shouldn’t Need a Law Degree to Understand Their Data Terms Agreement
  • Changing Dynamics in Ownership and Financing
  • How Will New FAA Rules Affect Agricultural Use of Drones?
  • Kern County Farmworkers and Their Dependents to Benefit from $2.2 Million Grant
  • USDA Backs Small Rural Firms With $55M in Grants, Loan Guarantees
  • TAF and IVS Finalize Bridging Document
  • The Appraisal Foundation Rolls Out New Q & A Forum
  • Appraisal Practices Board Issues Valuation Advisories
  • Official Notification – Policy and Procedure Manual Changes

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XIII [July 6, 2016]

  • Senators Roberts and Stabenow Announce GMO Labeling Agreement
  • RMA Announces Changes to Replant and Double Crop Provisions
  • Office of Inspector General Faults Conservation Compliance Reviews
  • NASS Releases Planted Acreage Estimates
  • TAF and IVS Finalize Bridging Document
  • AQB Drops Three-Year Residency Requirement for Supervisory Appraisers
  • Mid-Year Ag Review: Profits, Millennials, Land Values and Ag Lending
  • 2016 Acreage Preview: Watch for a Drop in Sorghum Acres
  • Welcome New Members
  • Thank You for Your Referrals

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XII [June 21, 2016]

  • USDA Announces One-time Payment to Cotton Producers
  • House and Senate Move to Block WOTUS Rule
  • Deadline Looms for GMO Preemption Bill
  • FSA County Committee Nomination Period Open
  • Corn, Soybean Rally Rolls on But For How Long?
  • Tax Shelters Aren’t Charity
  • Renters of Farms See Credit Door Shut
  • Rural Bankers Tighten Farm Loan Terms
  • A Rush of Americans, Seeking Gold in Cuban Soil
  • Fed Meeting Likely Near Term Supportive to Rice, Cotton, Soy, Corn, Wheat
  • The Price of LEDs is Falling so Fast It’s Profitable to Farm in a New Jersey Nightclub
  • Easements Help Keep Land in Farming
  • In Memory – Gary Cormier, ARA

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue XI [June 7, 2016]

  • EPA Proposes Renewable Fuel Standards for 2017
  • Supreme Court Rules Landowners Can Challenged Wetland Determinations
  • Senate Appropriators Complete Ag Spending Bill
  • RMA/ FSA Release ACRSI Documents
  • USDA Extends Deadline to Restructure Farm Organization Structures
  • ASC Seeks Feedback on Proposed AMC Registry Fee Rules
  • AQB Issues First Exposure Draft of Changes to Real Property Appraiser Criteria
  • Land Values Decline, Continuing Correction
  • Science Takes a Back Seat to Fear-Mongering About GMOs
  • Could Overhead Irrigation Work in California?
  • South American Concerns Mean Price Jump for US Farmers
  • In Memory – Joel R. Hertz, AFM, ARA, AAC
  • In Memory – Tharrell Ming, ARA-Retired

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue X [May 16, 2016]

  • Senate Appropriators Turn to Ag Spending Bill
  • OIG Faults FSA/ NRCS Conservation Compliance Reviews
  • USDA Announces Record Demand for CRP
  • NCIS Survey Regarding Crop Insurance
  • House Agriculture Committee Chairman Conaway Declares Support for Trump
  • RMA Announces $8.7 million for Risk Management Education
  • Farmers Want Control of Ag Data, Survey Shows
  • Land, Equipment Values Could be Keys to Surviving Economic Adversity
  • 2014 Farm Bill’s Provisions Making Life More Difficult for Farmers
  • Record Corn Crop Coming, USDA Says; Soybean Production May Fall
  • Some Emergency Drought Rules Might be Eased, But Don’t Start Hosing Down Sidewalks
  • Victims of Value

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue IX [May 3, 2016]

  • House Appropriations Committee Clears Ag Spending Bill
  • Senate Amendment to Block WOTUS Rule Falls Short
  • Starting the Next Farm Bill Discussion
  • House Agriculture Committee Focuses on Factors Impacting Cost of Production
  • USDA Announces 3-Year Lesser Prairie Chicken Strategy
  • Key Ag Lawmakers Don’t Want to Split the Farm Bill
  • Appraisal Year In Review
  • Low Farm Prices Leave Plenty of Worries in Upper Midwest
  • Freddie Mac May Need Another Taxpayer Bailout This Week
  • Storm Clouds Gathering Over Kansas Farms as Income Dips, Land Prices Fall
  • A Twenty-First Century Challenge: Growing More Food with Less Water
  • WOTUS Rule Could Increase Cost, Frustration on CWA 404 Enforcement
  • Farm Income is Down, But Good News Remains in Food Sector
  • California Rice’s Priorities – Water, Regulations, Politics
  • Iowa Farmers Planted 3.75 Million Acres of Corn Last Week
  • Successful Land Sale: Irrigated Nebraska Draws $8,950 Bid
  • Farm Labor Shortage Reported in 20 States, and Visa Backlog Blamed
  • New Members: Make the Most of Your ASFMRA Membership

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue VIII [April 19, 2016]

  • FY 2017 Appropriations Underway
  • Rural Economy Outlook Starting Farm Bill Discussions?
  • USDA Expands Safety Net for Dairy Operations
  • Senate Agriculture Committee Approves CFTC reauthorization
  • DOL Exempts All Appraisals from Final Fiduciary Rules; Significant Victory for the Appraisal Profession
  • Nut Prices Carry Big Influence on Farmland Values
  • Senators Seek to Stop Cotton Payments
  • Panel Reviews Benefits to Rural America From Oil and Gas Industry
  • Interest Rates May Hold Until After Presidential Election
  • Authorities Say Sophisticated Criminal Organizations are Stealing More of California’s High-Valued Nut Crops Than Ever Before
  • Minnesota Crop Farmers are Tightening Budgets as They Face Another Rough Year
  • Study Shows Crop Insurance Subsidies Impact Land Costs
  • North Dakota Oil Production Falls in February
  • Farmers Reap New Tools From Their Own High-Tech Tinkering

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue VII [April 5, 2016]

  • USDA to Invest $103 Million in Watershed Projects
  • USDA Releases Annual Prospective Plantings Report
  • USDA Announces $41 Million to Improve Water Quality in Western Lake Erie Water Basin
  • Updates on EGRPRA and Appraisal Thresholds; DOL Fiduciary Rules
  • Cotton, Corn Acres Could Increase in 2016, Farm Futures Survey Finds
  • This Plan to Overhaul Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Just Might Pass Congress
  • Iowa Considering AMC Regulation Legislation
  • Regulators Clarify Use of Evaluations, Appraisals
  • Constant Evolution Keeps California Wine Industry on its Toes
  • Opinion: Bank CEO Responds to CoBank About Broadband Access
  • Survey: Iowa Farmland Values Decline Nearly 9%
  • Land Values on the Rise in Sunshine State
  • Farm and Food: Free Markets Work, When We Let ‘Em
  • EPA Proposes Dicamba for GE Cotton, Soybeans
  • Congrats to Glenn Oertley!
  • Official Notification – Policy and Procedure Manual Changes

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue VI [March 22, 2016]

  • ASFMRA Joins Broad Coalition Urging Congress Not to Reopen the 2014 Farm Bill
  • FSAfarm+
  • House Struggles with 2017 Budget, Senate Decides to Forego It
  • GMO Labeling Quagmire  
  • NFU Changes Position on Conservation Compliance Tie to Crop Insurance
  • EGRPRA Process Concluding; Fate of Possible Appraisal Threshold Increase Awaits
  • California Chapter of ASFMRA Awards the 2016 Distinguished California Agriculturalist Award
  • Area’s Ag Land Values Still Strong, Steady
  • Prime Farmland Still Bringing Premium Prices
  • Survey: Ag Land Values Declined for Second Year
  • Illinois Farmland Values, Rent Continue Trending Downward
  • Idaho Company Looks to Launch Driverless Tractors in Months
  • Cash-Strapped Farmers Struggle to Pay Cropland Rents
  • Storms Replenish Key Reservoirs Amid California Drought

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue V [March 8, 2016]

  • ASFMRA Joins 57 Other Agricultural Organizations to Defend Crop Insurance 
  • House Agriculture Committee Questions Secretary Vilsack 
  • Supreme Court Decides Not to Hear Challenge to EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Pollution Regulation Plan
  • Senate Agriculture Committee Approves Bill to Preempt State GMO Labeling Laws
  • USDA Projects Further Decline in Net Farm Income in 2016
  • Virginia Adopts VA Fee Schedule as “Presumption of Compliance” with Customary and Reasonable Fee Requirements
  • Data Farming is Agriculture’s Future
  • Large Scale US Dairy Farms Set to Increase Milk Production
  • With Economy Stuck In The Mud, Farmers Sink Deeper Into Debt
  • California’s Wettest Months Deliver Below Average Snowpack
  • Grain Market Strategy: Account for Ups and Downs
  • What Would Happen if GMO Foods Were Banned? Purdue Finds Out
  • In Memory – Gary Arthur Greder

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue IV [February 16, 2016]

  • AQB Releases Concept Paper on Potential Changes to Appraiser Qualifications
  • President Obama’s Final Budget Request Repeats Request to Cut Crop Insurance
  • USDA Announces Commodity Certificate Availability
  • House Agriculture Committee Grills EPA Administrator
  • Budget Request Would Boost Conservation, Increase OCS Oversight
  • Crop Insurance Industry Faces Continuing Challenges
  • Chris Greenwalt, ARA, RPRA Accepts Vice Chair Position
  • Farmers on Sounder Financial Footing Now Than in the 1980′s Crisis, Ag Banker Says
  • Despite Downturn, Values of Quality Farmland Remain High
  • Russia Issues Temporary Ban on U.S. Corn, Soybeans
  • Credit Demand Rises in U.S. Farm Economy as Incomes Fall
  • The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) issues Q & A on USPAP

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue III [February 2, 2016]

  • Congressional Budget Office Estimates Farm Spending
  • Deputy Secretary Hardin to Leave End of February
  • USDA Announces Wetland Mitigation Banking Program
  • Virginia Committee Votes to Endorse VA Fee Schedule as “Minimum Presumption”
  • Optimistic Early Outlook for California Pistachios
  • DuPont ‘Committed’ to Iowa in Dow Merger
  • Chinese Citizen Pleads Guilty to Stealing High-Tech Seeds From U.S. Fields
  • USDA, Microsoft Announce Winners of Ag App Contest
  • Will China Begin Importing U.S. Rice?
  • Filling the Tank at 1950s Prices? Actually, Now May be Cheaper
  • Farm Succession Starts with Your Financial Security
  • Land Trust Alliance – Call for Presentations

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue II [January 19, 2016]

  • Congress Disapproves Waters of the U.S. Rule
  • Iowa Water Lawsuit Kicked to Iowa Supreme Court
  • Senate Agriculture Committee to Mark-up Child Nutrition Bill
  • American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) elects Vincent “Zippy” Duvall as Next President
  • ASFMRA, ASA, NAIFA Ask CFPB to Take Notice of Possible Increase in Appraisal Threshold
  • FNC: Ag Land Values Likely to Continue Gradual Decline in 2016
  • Clashes on California Water Resume in DC With Introduction of Drainage Bill
  • Dow and DuPont Strive to Find the Right Chemistry
  • Sharp Drop in Farm Income Not a Disaster to Land Values
  • UC Davis Receives $1 million to Study Harvest Robotics
  • Omnibus Bill Passage Impacts Agriculture

Legislative Action News – Vol. 8, Issue I [January 5, 2016]

  • Congress Set to Start Second Session of 114th Congress
  • Final Actively Engaged Rule Narrowly Defines “Farm Managers”
  • EGRPRA Safety and Soundness Comment Period Opens; Appraisal Regulations Part of Focus
  • Farmers Try Political Force to Twist Open California’s Taps
  • A Look at the Big Ag Issues of 2015 and for The New Year
  • ‘Soft Landing’ in Farmland Market Ahead?
  • Welcome New Members
  • Thank You for Your Referrals
  • Make Your Donation to the Education Foundation

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XXIII [December 23, 2015]

  • FY 2016 Omnibus Appropriation/ Tax Extenders Passes
  • USDA Releases Final Actively Engaged Rule
  • FAA Requires License for Small Drones
  • Bipartisan Coalition of 100 Lawmakers Urge Secretary of Agriculture to Take Action on Cottonseed
  • New Congressional Deal Would Make Conservation Easement Tax Deductions Permanent
  • Important Designation Deadlines
  • Education Foundation Tax Deduction Opportunities
  • Calendar of Events

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XXII [November 17, 2015]

  • Farm Service Agency Changes ARC County Payment
  • FDA Finalizes Produce Rule
  • FSA County Elections Begin
  • Crop Insurance Program Opponents Introduce Bills to Cut Program
  • ASFMRA Working with Other Appraisal Organizations to Combat  Proposed Increase in De Minimus
  • Kansas City Fed Report Paints Dim Picture of Farm Economy
  • Farmland Prices Decline Across Parts of the Midwest
  • Crop Prices, Input Costs Will Squeeze 2016 Profit Margin
  • Rabobank Estimates 2015 Investments in Food and Ag Start Ups at $4 Billion
  • A Walnut Production Record this Year in California?
  • DuPont Names Edward Breen as Permanent CEO
  • Big Crops Get Bigger in Latest WASDE Report

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XXI [November 3, 2015]

  • Budget Agreement Cuts Crop Insurance but “Fix” Promised
  • House Elects Paul Ryan as Next Speaker
  • USDA Announces Additional Biofuels Investment
  • Dennis Reyman Lauds Efforts of Farm-State Legislatures
  • Deere Agrees to Buy Monsanto’s Precision Planting
  • How Will Agriculture Fare With Political Change?
  • Farmers Shift to Leases, Threatening to Swell Machinery Glut
  • Poll Shows Farmers Often Relay on Professional Advisors for Decision Making
  • Poll Finds That 92% of Farms are Multi-Generational
  • Granular Expands Its Farmland Analysis Tools on AcreValue  

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XX [October 20, 2015]

  • ARC/ PLC Payments to be cut 6.8%
  • Waters of the U.S. Implementation Suspended
  • Debt Limit Deadline
  • USDA to Invest $30 Million to Help Protect Wetlands in Six States
  • As Ag’s Boom Cycle Wanes, Forecasts See Downturn Through 2017
  • Florida Orange Crop Crushed With Output Estimated at 52-Year Low
  • California Adopts Strict Limits on Livestock Antibiotics
  • Corn, Soybean Crops Among the Largest Even as USDA Cuts Output
  • In Memory, Thomas C. Moyer
  • Featured Job Opening – Minot, ND
  • Agriculture Letter

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XIX [October 6, 2015]

  • Continuing Resolution Vote
  • USDA Announces Final 2014 Corn & Soybean Prices for ARC and PLC
  • Grain Inspections, Price Reporting and Forest Foundation Reauthorized
  • USDA Extends Dairy Program Sign-up
  • Net Farm Income Predicted Below 10-Year Moving Average
  • It’s Time to Make Your 2016 Farm Financial Plan
  • ASFMRA Announces Committee Selections!

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XVIII [September 22, 2015]

  • ASFMRA 2015 Leadership Institute
  • House Agriculture Committee Reviews USDA Programs
  • Senate Agriculture Committee Completes Mark-up
  • Lawmakers Cut Deal on Grain Inspections, Livestock Reports
  • U.S. Ethanol Production Highest Since May
  • Competition Intense to Rent Farmland
  • Who Owns U.S. Farmland, and How Will it Change?
  • Permanent Bonus Depreciation Reported to the Full House
  • Organic Farm Sales Surge 72 Percent From 2008, USDA Reports
  • In Energy Rush, Farmland Needs Protection
  • Congress Must Renew the Land & Water Conservation Fund

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XVII [September 10, 2015]

  • Eighty Percent of US Farmland Rented
  • USDA Forecasts Lower Net Farm Income for 2015
  • USDA Programs Enrollment Dates Approach
  • Congress Returns This Week
  • Plenty of Farmland Facts in Newly Released Surveys
  • Wall Street Journal: China Plows Big Money Into Australian Agriculture
  • Administration Asked to Suspend WOTUS Enforcement Nationwide
  • Sonoma County Residents’ Battle with Wineries is About More Than Water
  • Forbes: The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It
  • Rent an Acre or Buy an Acre, That is the Question

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XVI [August 18, 2015]

  • Debt Ceiling Breach Looms When Congress Returns
  • States Ask for Injunction to Stop WOTUS
  • Farmers Markets Triple in Number
  • Wall Street Journal: Farmland Prices Steady to Lower in Much of Central U.S.
  • Under 35?  You should be part of the ASFMRA Young Professionals Network! 
  • ASFMRA members – we need you to represent us! 


Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XV [August 4, 2015]

  • House Starts August Recess, Senate to Follow this Week
  • Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax Extenders Bill
  • House Passes GMO Labeling Bill
  • RMA Expands SCO and APH YE for Fruits and Nuts 
  • Farmers National: 2015 is Key for Land Market
  • ASFMRA Needs Your Opinion on Our Logo and Our Brand
  • Ag Land Values Trending Lower
  • Conservation Opinions Wanted
  • Things to Know About Canadian Hydropower in US Northeast 

Legislative Action News – Vol.7, Issue XIV [July 21, 2015]

  • House/ Senate Appropriators Complete Agriculture Spending Bills
  • USDA Reports on Conservation Compliance
  • GMO Labeling Bill approved by House Agriculture Committee
  • USDA Announces Conservation Incentives for Working Grass, Range and Pasture Lands
  • ASFMRA, ASA, NAIFA File Comments Regarding Proposed Delay in TRID Implementation
  • Ag Lender Transition
  • California Drought Leaves Few Farmers Unscathed
  • ASB Meeting Summary
  • The Appraisal Foundation Seeks Candidates for Vacancies

 Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XIII [July 9, 2015]

•EPA Finalizes WOTUS Rule, State Sue
•ASFMRA Comments on Conservation Compliance Rule
•Dairy Margin Protection Enrollment Begins June 1
•ARC/PLC Enrollment Now Open
•Senator Stabenow (D-MI) Promotes Joe Schultz to Agriculture Staff Director
•Controversial Bill to Allow for Non-USPAP Appraisal Standards Clear Key CA Committee

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XII [June 16, 2015]

  • The International Valuation Standards Council and The Appraisal Foundation collaborate to bring greater consistency to Appraisal Standards
  • House repeals Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • Drones: The Next Step in Precision Ag and Improved Sustainability
  • House Passes CFTC Reauthorization
  • Tennessee farmers start planting highly regulated hemp seeds
  • FSA guidance for filing AD-1026 after June 1
  • FSA county committee nominations start June 15
  • White House plan offers help to farmers, communities hurt by drought

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue XI [June 2, 2015]

  • The influence of direct payments on U.S. cropland values
  • EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Released WOTUS rule
  • ASFMRA submits comments on actively engaged rule
  • ASFMRA, ASA, NAIFA meet with MRCS to discuss ALE program
  • EPA announces renewable fuel standard volumetric requirements 
  • Drought hurts agriculture, costs West $40 billion
  • Secretary Vilsack announces additional 800,000 acres dedicated to Conservation Reserve Program for Wildlife and Wetlands

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue X [May 19, 2015]

  • US Corn Belt farmland values steady but weakness seen – Fed
  • House passes bill to stop WOTUS rule
  • House Agriculture Committee Moves to Reauthorize CFTC
  • USDA Announces Additional Funding for Ogallala Aquifer
  • FSA Procedures for Filing AD-1026
  • Monsanto Expected to Approach BASF in Bid for Syngenta Takeover
  • WTO’s final answer: No COOL

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue IX [May 5, 2015]

  • ASFMRA Joins 41 Farm Organizations Objecting to Elimination of Farm Credit System
  • ASFMRA, ASA, NAIFA File Comments with NRCS Regarding Appraisals of Agricultural Land Easements 
  • Congressional Budget Avoids Opening Farm Bill
  • ASFMRA Joins 25 Fam and Conservation Groups Supporting Soil Heath
  • House Passes and Senate Introduces Bill to Block WOTUS
  • FSA Procedures for Filing AD-1026
  • Share your experience — make a referral!
  • Testified in court? What you need to know. 

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue VIII [April 21, 2015]

  • USDA Releases New Conservation Compliance Regulation
  • EPA Announces Renewable Fuels Volume Schedule
  • House Moves to Stop WOTUS Rule
  • ASFMRA Welcomes John Russell, JD
  • ASFMRA Prepares Comments to NRCS on Agricultural Land Easement Valuations
  • House and Senate Start Budget Conference
  • House passes bill to eliminate estate taxes

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue VII [April 7, 2015]

  • Call for Rapid Fire Case Studies presenters
  • ASFMRA Seeks Your Input on USDA Actively Engaged Rule Proposal
  • What the Rule Proposal Does
  • Renewable energy investment heats up worldwide
  • U.S. farm groups to press FAA for fewer drone restrictions 
  • The Appraisal Foundation Adopts Updated Qualification Criteria for Personal Property Appraisers
  • ASFMRA signs government relations agreement with the American Society of Appraisers 
  • Funding announcement for conservation easements 

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue VI [March 17, 2015]

  • Des Moines Water Works to Sue Drainage Districts
  • House and Senate to Mark-up Congressional Budget
  • RMA Prevented Planting Study
  • FAPRI baseline shows lower farm income
  • Delayed deadline on program signup not expected
  • Jeb Bush’s ethanol past may complicate his Iowa future
  • Senators urge USDA, HHS to keep lean meat in Dietary Guidelines
  • In Memory of Robert E. Walters

Legislative Actions News – Vol. 7, Issue V [March 3, 2015]

  • ASFMRA Joins 391 Agricultural Organizations on Letter to Budget Committees
  • USDA Extends Base and Yield Update Deadline
  • Senators Introduce Ethanol Repeal Bill
  • FAA Publishes Rules for Drone
  • PAcking Political Punch in Rural America: Six Part Series
  • NY farmers lobby Congress for immigration reform, food rules
  • Ag secretary: Smartphones could tell buyers what’s in food

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue IV [February 17, 2015]

  • FAA Publishes Rules for Drones
  • House Agriculture Committee Reviews State of Rural Economy with Secretary Vilsack
  • Congressional Budget Process Starts
  • Bill Introduced to Cut Premium Support for Harvest Price Option 
  • From cattle to corn, crude oil dive ripples through farm economy
  • Lawmakers step up pressure to end port slowdown
  • USDA adds new rice prices in WASDE report

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue III [February 3, 2015]

  • Judge rules EPA can release farm information
  • President FY 2016 Budget Request Proposes Cuts to Crop Insurance
  • President Obama Calls for Rules Regulating Drones
  • USDA shows first increase in size of U.S. cattle herd in 8 years
  • Cash Rent Tug-of-War
  • Democrats name House Agriculture Committee members
  • CBO releases preliminary agriculture spending baseline 

Legislative Actions News – Vol. 7, Issue II [January 20, 2015]

  • Des Moines Water Works Sues Drainage Districts
  • Farmers in California decry water decision favoring fish
  • USDA Announces Dairy Margin Protection Program Enrollment
  • Regional Conservation Partnerships Announced
  • House names Republican Agriculture Appropriators
  • USDA grants to benefit Chesapeake Bay Restoration
  • Study: Higher crop protein content linked to value, profitability
  • Location and quality driving current land values
  • New research on millennials in agriculture

Legislative Action News – Vol. 7, Issue I [January 6, 2015]

  • Proposed multi-state pipeline could cut through mid-west
  • Parting words from retiring USDA chief economist Joe Glauber
  • California drought transforms global food market
  • Congress set to begin 114th session
  • From agriculture to energy, GOP pushing back in 2015
  • Monarch butterfly to be reviewed under endangered species act

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XXIV [December 16, 2014]

  • Congress finalizes 2015 Spending
  • Tax Extenders Await Senate Action
  • Incoming House Agriculture Chairman Announces New Republican Committee members, Subcommittee structure and Subcommittee Chairs
  • Two New Farm Bill Regulations out for Public Comment
  • Secretary Vilsack Announces Chief Economist Joe Glauber’s retirement
  • Survey helps with land rental negotiation
  • In memory of Richard Spady
  • ASFMRA Recognizes Long Standing Members

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XXIII [December 2, 2014]

  • EPA Delays Decision on 2014 RFS
  • Representative Conaway Becomes House Agriculture Committee Chair
  • Farmers Urge Congress to Legalize Agriculture Workers
  • Us Energy growing, and so is US ‘power’
  • A Farmer in Space?
  • Cotton Outlook Cut by Australia to Five-Year Low on Dryness
  • In Memory of Donald W. Pierce
  • Cheryl Cooley celebrates 25 years 

Legislative Action News – Vol 6, Issue XXII [November 18, 2014]

  • The 10 Principles of Big Data Agreement Outlined
  • Fed Banks: US Farmland Values Steady, Weakness Ahead
  • What to expect: 2014 Election Brings Change to House and Senate Agriculture Committees
  • Washington Week Ahead: Focus on Keystone XL Pipeline
  • ARC/PLC Coverage Selection Starts November 17, 2014
  • The Question: WOTUS

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XXI [November 4, 2014]

  • USDA Simplifies Conservation Compliance Certification for Perennial Crops
  • USDA to allow APH Exclusion for 2015 Spring Crops
  • FSA County Committee Elections to Start November 3
  • USDA Extends Deadline for Dairy Program Sign-Up
  • Appraisal Qualifications Board Announcement
  • Open Mic with Dr. Jill Long Thompson, Board Chair and CEO of the Farm Credit Administration

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XX [October 21, 2014]

  • ARC/PLC Election: What Does It Mean for Cash Renters?
  • ARC/PLC Payment Indicators Updated
  • EPA Approves Combination of 2,4-D and Glyphosate
  • Should you retain both minerals and land in a life estate?
  • AFBF unveils online grassroots biotech toolkit
  • FCC ruling may pave way for better cell coverage in rural America
  • Family farms produce 80 percent of the world’s food, speculators seek land
  • In memory: John G. Hardin
  • Welcome New Members
  • 2014 Education Foundation Auction Items

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XIX [October 7, 2014]

  • Business Groups: Withdraw WOTUS Rule
  • ARC/PLC Provisions
  • Webinar: Farm Bill – Farm Service Agency (FSA) Farm Decision Making
  • FDA Revises Proposed Food Safety Regulations
  • USDA sets new whole-farm revenue protection insurance premium
  • U.S. and Brazil Settle Cotton Dispute
  • USDA Invests Nearly $118 Million to Support America’s Speciality Crop Producers

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XVIII [September 16, 2014]

  • 2014 Leadership Institute participants learn about the Farm Bill, WOTUS and more
  • House Passes Bill to Block WOTUS Rule
  • Impact of Lower, More Volatile Net Farm Incomes and Higher Interest Rates on Repayment Risk
  • GAO Recommends Cuts to the Crop Insurance Program
  • Railcar dearth, conservation easements and FSA modernization
  • The Appraisal Foundation hosts 2nd Annual Personal Property Roundtable
  • US Forest Service Chief Highlights Importance of Agency’s Role in Evaluating Groundwater Resources

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XVII [September 2, 2014]

  • 2014 Farm Sector Income Forecast
  • In Memory of Bobbi Baldus
  • USDA Announces Implementation of New Dairy Program
  • Debe Alvarez celebrates 20 years with ASFMRA
  • RMA Releases Additional Supplemental Coverage Option Materials 
  • New FSA Administrator 
  • Conservation Compliance Webinar
  • U.S. Farmland Price Change Map 2005 to 2013
  • Maps contradict EPA on ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rule, Rep. Smith says 

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XVI [August 19, 2014]

  • Fed: Iowa Farmland values may have “plateaued”
  • Farm Bill Implementation Update
  • RMA Releases STAX Materials
  • Drone test flights start in NY for agricultural research
  • Cotton Transition Payments
  • New Interactive Farm Map
  • The Appraisal Foundation
  • Conservation Compliance for Specialty Crops Webinar

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XV- [August 5, 2014]

  • USDA Implements Key Farm Bill Crop Insurance Provision
  • RMA Releases SCO Materials
  • FSA to Start to Base and Yield Updates for ARC and PLC
  • USDA Extends Deadline for the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program
  • Senators Seek Clarification on WOTUS Rule
  • USDA and CoBank create rural infrastructure fund
  • Unleashing Climate Data to Empower America’s Agricultural Sector 
  • New USDA Methods Will Help Land Owners Manager Carbon and Greenhouse Gases

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XIV- [July 22, 2014]

  • House Votes to Block Implementation of EPA Waters of the U.S. Rule
  • House Passes Conservation Tax Credit
  • Tax Crisis Looms for High-Income Earners and High Net-Worth Individuals: Critical Tax Incentive Legislation for Conservation Easements Up for Vote
  • House Agriculture Committee Reviews USDA Farm Bill Implementation 
  • USDA implementation of crop insurance programs questioned
  • AgProLink: Be A Visible Land Expert 
  • Corn to Soybeans Drop as Crops in Best Shape since 1994
  • Farm leaders crave comfort and clout in new coalitions 
  • Precision agriculture will play key role in nation’s security, retired general says
  • Open Data for Transparent and Effective Disaster Relief 

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XIII- [July 08, 2014]

  • Farm Bureau: Estate taxes ripe for repeal
  • Risk Management Agency Implements 2014 Farm Bill Provisions
  • Conservation Easement Tax Extended to Get House Vote?
  • Farm Service Agency Updates Form AD-1026
  • Agriculture Appropriations On-Hold
  • Renew Your Conservation Stewardship Program Contract
  • USDA Invites Suggestions for the 2017 Census of Agriculture
  • Lawmakers tell EPA to ditch ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rule through legislation, letters
  • House passes bill to reauthorize CFTC through 2018
  • USDA Continues Farm Bill Implementation with Provisions to help Farmers Manage Risk
  • Online tool helps farmers weigh preliminary options in Farm Bill.

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XII- [June 17, 2014]

  • Majority Leader Cantor’s Loss Delays Agriculture Spending Bill
  • Senate to Consider 2015 Agriculture Spending Bill
  • Vermont Sued over GMA Labeling Law
  • RFS 2014 Volumes Expected Soon, 2013 Compliance Extended
  • USDA Announces New Farm Bill Funds Available for Research to Fight Citrus Greening
  • Obama Administration Announces Additional Support to Help Communities Boost Local Food Economies
  • Nominate the Professional Farm Manager of the Year!
  • USDA Announces Funding Availability for Turning Biomass Material into Energy
  • In Memory of Dean Glock, AFM, ARA-Retired 
  • MF Global customers to get back all illegally accessed funds

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue XI- [June 3, 2014]

  • USDA Grants $6 Million for Farm Bill Program Decision Tools
  • Agriculture Appropriations Bill Moves Forward
  • RMA Announces New Whole Farm Risk Management Policy
  • Conservation Easement Credit Included in House Tax Plan
  • The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter
  • The Ferguson AgReport
  • Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Updated Forecast for U.S. Agriculture Exports
  • USDA, Partners Usher in a New Era in Conservation
  • Deal Struck to Fund U.S. Waterways Improvements

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue X- [May 20, 2014]

  • Secretary Vilsack Testifies About Farm Bill Implementation
  • Water Resources Reform and Development Act Set to Pass
  • Tax Extender Bill Stalls in Senate
  • Legal Case that Could Destroy American Agriculture
  • The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter
  • American Farm Bureau Federation Releases Webinar Series to Explain Farm Bill

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue IX- [May 6, 2014]

  • USDA Releases 2012 Census of Agriculture
  • EPA Pushed to Rescind Proposed Water Regulation
  • Payments Being Made for Livestock Disaster Program
  • USDA/ DOI Reach Agreement on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Protection
  • Farm Law Implementation Continues
  • USDA Announces New Landmark Conservation Initiatives
  • 2014 ERS Farm Bill Highlights

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue VIII- [April 22, 2014]

  • Battle over biotech food labeling
  • Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act
  • Sign-up for USDA Disaster Programs
  • FSA Publishes Disaster Program Rule, Payment Limits and AGI Test
  • First annual Agricultural Law Conference set for May 16
  • New farm bill: You’ll need to be better at managing risk
  • Farm bill changes some farm loan programs

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue VII- [April 8, 2014]

  • Farm Bureau Reaction to EPA/Army Corps Clean Water Proposed Rule
  • USDA Announces Continuation of Certain Farm Programs
  • Senate Clears Tax Extender Bill
  • An important step in extending the tax incentive
  • FSA is requesting comments on AD-2047 Customer Data Worksheet
  • Fannie Mae Releases New Guidelines for Rural Appraisals
  • Agencies Issue Proposed Rule on Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies
  • Agricultural Tax Reform
  • In Memory – Carol R. Baldus, Jr., ARA, LaPata, MD

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue VI- [March 18, 2014]

  • New Farm Bill Highlights
  • 2015 President’s Budget Proposals
  • USDA Announces Farm Bill Listening Sessions
  • House Introduces Bill Protecting Farmers Private Information
  • Rep. Roby Leaves House Ag Committee – Replaced by Rep. McAllister
  • EPA Water Rules Regulation Imminent?
  • FAA releases fact sheet about Unmanned Aerial System regulations
  • New USDA agriculture census report shows trends
  • Wells Fargo lowers FHA credit scores to 600
  • New farm program made easy

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue V- [March 4, 2014]

  • USDA Sees Plunging Income
  • Secretary Vilsack Outlines Farm Bill Implementation Time Frame
  • House Tax Reform Proposal Released
  • Congressional Tax Proposals Would Cost Agriculture $4.8 Billion
  • New “Crop Insurance: Just the Facts” website explains 2014 farm bill changes
  • Technology, data privacy concern farmers and ranchers
  • ‘Significantly different’ farm bill will need education on provisions

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue IV- [February 18, 2014]

  • USDA Assistance to Californians Impacted by Drought
  • Congressional Research Service Farm Bill Summary
  • FHFA: Fannie, Freddie Fail to Analyze Appraisal Data
  • GMOs Seek Natural Food Labels
  • Seed Restrictions May End

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue III- [February 4, 2014]

  • Senate Approves Farm Bill
  • More Info on the Farm Bill from the Jan 31, 2014 Farm Bill Update
  • Congressional Budget Office Scoring of Agricultural Act of 2014
  • CSP Sign-up Deadline February 7
  • New Jersey Governor Vetoes BPO Legislation for the Second Time
  • Stallman:  Privacy protection vital as use of ‘big data’ grows
  • Fannie Mae Launches Appraiser Quality Monitoring Website

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue II- [January 21, 2014]

  • Farm Bill Progress Stumbles
  • ASFMRA Comments on EPA Renewable Fuels Proposal
  • Congress Passes FY 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  • USDA names California counties for drought disaster assistance
  • Senate Mulls Additional Legislation on Appraisal Exemptions

Legislative Action News – Vol. 6, Issue I- [January 7, 2014]

  • A Busy Month for Congress
  • FDA Reopens Comment Period
  • County Committee Election Reminder
  • Verify Your Information for the 2014 Membership Directory
  • Tax extender expiraton would cost farmers
  • 2014 Membership Survey
  • USDA to Guarantee Single Family Loans in Rural Areas

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XXIV- [December 17, 2013]

  • Farm Bill End in Sight
  • Budget Agreement Impacts Agriculture
  • Fannie Mae Addresses Appraisal Quality, UCDP Notification
  • USDA to assess changes anticipated for CRP
  • Webinar: Managing Your Agricultural Business in 2014

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XXIII- [December 3, 2013]

  • U.S. Senate Committee Proposes Changing Tax Rules for Agriculture
  • EPA Proposes Cutting Ethanol
  • Proposed Standards for Renewable Fuels
  • Crunch Time for Farm Bill
  • Growing Number of American Farmers Selling Directly to Consumers
  • Official Notification – Bylaws & Policy & Procedure Manual Changes

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XXII- [November 19, 2013]

  • ESA reform: Farmers focus on voluntary efforts, impact on landowners
  • EPA Proposes Renewable Fuel Standard for 2014
  • USDA Advises Farmers to Plan for Sequester Reduction
  • Options for Reducing the Deficit
  • Long-Term Demand for Beef Mounting

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XXI- [November 5, 2013]

  • Storm Brewing in IRS Farm Tax Proposal
  • The market for cattle is breaking records
  • EPA Water Body Connectivity Report – Comments Due by November 6
  • Farm Bill Conference Officially Started
  • USDA Resumes Crop Commodity Loans
  • Nine Banks Face Federal Investigations
  • Learn About TAF’s Partnership with the Department of the Interior
  • Interior Releases Valuation Plan for Land Buy-Back Program

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XX- [October 22, 2013]

  • Farm Bill Moving Forward
  • Budget Conference Started
  • USDA October Crop Reports Cancelled
  • Farm Bill Conferees
  • OCC Updates Commercial Real Estate Lending Handbook
  • Is this landowner crazy not to accept this deal?!
  • The overall costs of farming will slip in ’14- Kiplinger Agriculture Letter

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XIX- [October 8, 2013]

  • Shutdown
  • House Combines Nutrition Bill with Farm Bill – Senate Names Conferees
  • Economist doubtful farm bill will get done by end of year
  • A huge soybean harvest is underway – Kiplinger Agriculture Letter

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XVII- [September 17, 2013]

  • Will Fed take over groundwater regulations?
  • NJ Governor Vetoes BPO Legislation, Cites ‘Consumer Confusion’
  • Crop insurance becomes bigger target as primary safety net
  • ASFMRA Members Complete Successful 2013 Leadership Institute
  • Continuing Resolution Needed to Avoid Government Shut Down
  • Waterways investment vital for agriculture, economy
  • Highlights of 2013 Leadership Institute

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XVI- [September 3, 2013]

  • Farm Bill Conference Issues
  • Congress Set to Return Next Week
  • House Appropriations Bill Would Gut Conservation Programs
  • EPA’s SPCC Rule May Go Into Effect in October
  • Vilsack urges end to to farm bill standstill

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XV- [August 20, 2013]

  • CRP Payments Subject to Self-Employment Tax?
  • Weather, Crop Progress Levers Farmland Demand
  • USDA Coordinates Cover Crop Policy
  • Immigration reform crucial for health of U.S. agriculture sector?
  • Broad support needed for new farm bill
  • Scam Warning

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XIV- [August 6, 2013]

  • Estate Tax to End?
  • Senate Names Farm Bill Conferees – House Does Not
  • House to Vote on “Nutrition” Bill in September
  • USDA Appointments
  • Conservation Programs Slashed Under House Appropriations Bill
  • Staff Changes
  • Senate bill would protect producers’ personal information
  • Applications Still Being Accepted for Leadership Institute

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XIII- [July 16, 2013]

  • House Passes Farm Bill without Nutrition Title
  • Next Steps on Farm Bill Uncertain
  • A Comparison of Farm Bill Savings by Major Title
  • FSA Extends Acreage Reporting Dates
  • GSE Reform Bill Introduced
  • New Reciprocity Requirements Now in Place
  • North Dakota, West Virginia Latest States to Enact AMC Legislation
  • The U.S. Corn Belt is breaking its bounds
  • AFBF: Death Tax Repeal Act ‘gets the job done’
  • Applications Now Being Accepted for Leadership Institute

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XII- [June 18, 2013]

  • A Big Expansion of Federal Crop Insurance - Kiplinger
  • ASFMRA Signals Support of House Farm Bill & Crop Insurance
  • House Set to Consider Farm Bill
  • Senate Passes Farm Bill
  • CFPB Updates Exam Procedures for Mortgages, Appraisals
  • Applications Now Being Accepted for Leadership Institute

Legislative Action News – Vol. 5, Issue XI- [June 4, 2013]

  • New Cash Crop – Insects – Kiplinger
  • Senate Farm Bill Debate Continues
  • CSP Application Deadline June 14
  • CRP Sign-up Deadline June 14
  • Waterways infrastructure bill passed by Senate
  • NRCs in TX announces incentive payments to improve wildlife habitat
  • Appraisal Subcommittee Releases  Revised Policy Statements
  • ASFMRA Joins Group Working on Measurement Standards
  • AVE Seeks Candidates for At Large Position

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