Farm Management

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The Farm Management Professional Members of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) are leaders in the management of agricultural land throughout the United States. Today, farm management experts manage over 25 million acres of farm and ranch land for absentee landowners, bank trust departments, foundations, non-profit organizations, and investors. Professional farm management services include:

  • Analyzing lease options, making recommendations on specific leases to help owners achieve their goals of ownership
  • Operator selection
  • Inspection reports that analyze the highest and best use of the land and any improvements, while making recommendations on how to maintain and improve the land
  • Marketing the commodities grown and raised on the farms and ranches
  • Budgeting, bill paying, income collection and financial reporting

Using their expertise in working with people, crop and livestock production, commodity marketing, soil conservation, financial analysis and accounting, and real estate brokerage, farm managers help their clients maintain and improve the value of their asset and generate cash returns that meet their clients’ objectives.
Farm managers associated with the ASFMRA follow a code of ethics and strive to provide high quality services that include leasing and tenant selection, crop production planning and supervision, improvement project management, commodity sales planning and execution, record keeping and investment analysis. An ASFMRA Accredited Farm Manager has achieved the highest level of professionalism and education in the industry.

An Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) possesses the skills, experience and education to provide land investment analysis and management of day-to-day operations for ag enterprises. The AFM designation is available only through the ASFMRA and is awarded to those individuals that demonstrate experience and complete a rigorous education program to enhance professional skills and knowledge of land management and production agriculture.