Chapter News, February 5, 2014

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How Do We Grow Membership?

From Steve Drake’s Blog - While many of our chapters are growing, others still are looking for ways to increase numbers and revitalize their chapters. Steve Drake, a well-known former non-profit management leader, wrote about an interesting perspective on membership growth recently in his blog. Steve writes…. “The other Sunday, as part of our search for a church here in Fort Myers, we visited a different church for the first time. During the sermon, the relatively new minister shared thoughts on his observations of his first seven months. What caught my attention was his listing of sources for new members at mainline churches.” He went on to note that the minister said that of his new members … 3% came through evangelistic crusades or revivals, 4% came through church programs, 4% came through Sunday school, 5% came as walk-ins, 8% came because of the pastor but a full 76% came because a friend or relative asked them to come. It works the same for organizations like ours. So encourage your chapter members to think about who they know that should be a member, do them and yourself a favor and ask them to join. And then do one thing more. Follow up before your next meeting and invite them to come. Read more of Steve’s blogs:

North Dakota Chapter Releases Annual Agricultural Land Price & Cash Rent Survey

January 27, 2014 – Fargo, ND – The North Dakota Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) has released their 17th Annual Agricultural Land Price and Cash Rent Survey.

Thirty-four land professionals across the great State of North Dakota contributed data to this year’s report, making it the most comprehensive report of its kind. This year’s report features some formatting changes and enhancements. Report readers are asked to keep in mind any assumptions made from the report could be misleading, especially given the wide variety of physical characteristics found in each county. Therefore, this report should never take the place of a well-trained land professional. Read more about the Survey. DOWNLOAD a copy of the results.

Focus On Under 35-Year Old Members

To keep our focus on the future ASFMRA has been working to add under-35 members to many of the committees. This has proved to be a good thing so now the ASFMRA Executive Council is doing the same. Eric Wilkinson, AFM will be attending the next Executive Council Meeting in February. Eric is an AFM, as well is a licensed broker in the state of Illinois and a licensed real estate sales person in Indiana. Eric has a B.S. in Agriculture Business from Iowa State. Eric has worked for Hertz Farm Management since early 2008, and now works out of the Kankakee Illinois office. Eric grew up on a farm near Mazon, Illinois and is married and has one daughter. Eric will be joining us at the meeting in Tucson. 

Marketing and Communications Director

Just this week Jaleen Edwards joined ASFMRA staff as our Director of Marketing and Communications. Jaleen comes to us with a wealth of experience in for-profit and non-profit marketing and communications including several years with the Financial Planners Association.  Join us in welcoming Jaleen. She can be reached at or 303-692-1227.

12 Members Do Not Meet Ethics Requirements

As a key part of keeping our promise that our members are the most trusted in the business, we require that they take the ASFMRA Ethics course every six years. We ended 2013 with only 12 members out of the entire country hitting the suspension list for failure to take Ethics. These members were due to take Ethics by December 31, 2013.They were notified several times last year and were told to let us know if we were wrong. They are now in a suspended status, but if they fail to take the Ethics class by March 31, their membership will be terminated. There are two upcoming Ethics Webinars (January 29 and March 13) and three classroom offerings (Montana February 4 and Texas January 29 and at SEW on July 17 in Des Moines). Other offerings will be scheduled as needed. Looking forward for 2014 year end we see that there are 242 people due to take Ethics by December 31, 2014. To date, several of these people have registered for an Ethics offering. Get information on upcoming Ethics Webinars.

50 End the Year Short On CE

This month we sent suspension letters to the 50 members of the 336 in the 2011-2013 cycle who had either not kept up with CE or had not entered the continuing education they have taken.  All Accredited and Professional members are required to have 60 hours of Continuing Education every three years. They, too, have until March 31 to update their records before they are no longer a member. Chapters were emailed the lists of those that would be suspended and they were encouraged to contact these people. To date 18 of the 50 have completed their CE requirements. Deanna is ready to help any member who has a question with their CE or with updating their records. Contact Deanna at or (303) 692-1222. 

ARA / RPRA 2014 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

For anyone planning to go for their ASFMRA Appraisal designation this year (ARA and RPRA only), time is winding down to get your application in to us!  Please submit your application with your appraisal demo by the March 1, 2014. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Debe Alvarez at or at (303) 692-1225.

For a complete list of requirements for obtaining the ARA or RPRA designation, please click here for the ARA checklist, or here for the RPRA checklist.

Summer Education Week – July 12 – 17, 2014, Des Moines, IA

Mark your calendars for Summer Education Week (SEW) in Des Moines, IA July 13-17, 2014.  ASFMRA has a great selection of core and continuing education available for Rural Appraisers, Farm Managers, and Agricultural Consultants.  This year, we are planning 3 new appraisal seminars and 3 new programs for managers and consultants.

For appraisal continuing education, we will have seminars on appraising permanent plantings, greenhouse appraisal and appraising grain elevators. We will also offer A301 Cost Approach for General Appraisers as our core appraisal offering.

For management core education, we will offer ALM 1, 2, and 3. In addition, we will be offering continuing education seminars on lease negotiations and food quality issues, water quality and markets and irrigation, and legal issues and marketing and forecasting.

Mark your calendars now and watch for registration in March. Join us for Summer Education Week 2014. You don’t want to miss it! For more information please see our website. 

YPN Leaders Planning to Make Presentations in Colleges & Universities across the Country

By Dru Palmer, YPN Leader – The YPN Leadership Team is in full force with plans to present at numerous Land-Grant and Ag focused schools across the county, however we need your help to reach more students and share knowledge of the Agriculture Industry.

Last year members of the YPN Leadership team made presentations to approximately 285 students both in the classroom as well as in agricultural clubs/groups.  The response from the students was exceptional.  They were intrigued with the knowledge and potential career opportunities available in the agricultural appraisal, management and consulting fields.

Last year’s presentations offered information about ASFMRA, the benefits of free student membership, introduced the Student Program at Summer Education Week and shared general information about the industry and career paths.  YPN Members are sorting through their contacts and preparing their presentations and would like to invite ASFMRA Young Professional Members to join in the presentations and utilize their connections at their colleges or nearby universities and help share their knowledge about ASFMRA and the Agriculture Industry.

The ASFMRA Staff has prepared a PowerPoint with all needed information, brochures on membership and general information as well as brochures on careers in Appraisal, Farm Management and Ag Consulting.  They will also provide information on the 2014 Summer Education Week and Student Program.

The hard work is done – we are simply inviting you to encourage YPN members to use their contacts and be the face of the younger generation of ASFMRA and our agriculture careers.  If any Chapter Officers or YPN members have any questions or would like some assistance in preparing for an appearance at a nearby college or university please contact an ASFMRA Staff Member: or or a YPN Leadership Team Member: 

Chapter News for the new AgProLink

As many of you know we are nearing the end of our implementation process for our new database.  With the new database comes a new AgProLink.  One part of the building that we are doing for the new AgProLink is giving each chapter their own group.  We want to list information on each chapter on the site and need each chapter to help us.  We are looking for a brief (5-6 sentences) description about the chapter.  Also if you have a picture or logo we will add that as well.  We will have a place to list officers, website, and contact info so do not include that in your paragraph.  Please forward your description to Meg Butcher,  Also email or call, 303-692-1213 if you have questions.  Since we will be entering this information please have your description to Meg no later than Feb 15 at

Chapter News

Phoenix… in February… Hmmm………………… The Arizona Chapter will offer the 2014-2015 7-hour USPAP Update at the PERA club on Thursday, February 20, 2014. That will be followed by the 2014 Ag Forum at the Desert Willow Conference Center on Friday February 21, 2014. It’s a great time to be in the Valley of the Sun. For more information call Tom Van Hofwegen at (602) 431-4161 or visit the website.

Kentucky Chapter The Bluegrass Chapter hosted a week of education offerings along with their Annual Meeting on January 23.  With Mark Lewis and Justin Bierschwale as instructors, 40 attended the Income Approach from seven states.   27 tested, leaving 13 appraisers that realized the need to refresh tools to remain current in market techniques.  Thursday evening was the membership meeting and banquet.  Dr. Tyler Mark presented market challenges in the hemp market as it exists today.  Opportunities to support ASFMRA and continued educational offerings were presented and agreed upon by the membership.  Friday, Scott Seely presented the USPAP Update for 31 area appraisers.   The week was considered a success by those who attended.   We even brought in some snow and 0 digit temperatures for our Texas friends! 

Illinois Land Values Conference March 19, 2014 7 Hour National USPAP Update: March 20, 2014 Illinois Land Values Conference: Get Complete Information.

Mid-South Chapter News

The Mid-South Chapter successfully held the 7-Hour National USPAP Course Update on January 9th taught by Lee Ann Moss, ARA.  Twenty eight members and non-members participated in the course.  The Chapter would like to recognize Fred Jaynes, ARA and Farm Credit Midsouth for their time, generosity, and contributions.

Missouri Chapter Meeting and Continuing Education, March 5/6, 2014, at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City, MO. We will do the USPAP update on March 5 and Rural Case Studies on March 6.  Go to to register online.

Oklahoma Chapter ASFMRA will host the USPAP 2014-15 update course on 3-21-14 in Stillwater, OK with Lee Caesar, Jr. as instructor. Get more information on this course:  OK USPAP seminar 2014.

Washington Chapter April 24-25, 2014 Spokane, WA - UPSAP & Marshall & Swift Seminar Get more information..

Northeast Chapter is offering the Income Approach Seminar and Greenhouse Seminar & Tour April 28-30, 2014. Get complete information on these seminars and meeting.

Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting & Education
Date:  April 28-30, 2014
Location:  Vineland, NJ
Description:  Education | Annual Business Meeting | Networking
Course Offered: Income Approach (4/28) | Greenhouse Valuation (4/29)  & Tour (4/30)
Contact Name:   Greg Snyder, ARA
Contact Phone:   (717) 435-9560
Contact Email:

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