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What is a Webinar?
A webinar is a presentation that may include power points, audio, video and a range of other computer-based media that is delivered to your computer through the Internet. Webinars also often allow for interaction between the presenter and the audience by way of audio exchanges, audience polling, and chat. ASFMRA webinars usually consist of a power point presentation delivered by a presenter with audio and video of the speaker and with Q &A using the chat feature. We deliver them live and often record them for later viewing too.

How does the ASFMRA use webinars?
ASFMRA uses the webinar technology to deliver information in a live format on current topics of interest. These are short (1-1.5 hour long) presentations on a subject of immediate interest to our membership, such as information on legislation or regulatory developments or in some cases very short training sessions on something like the features of a software program like Excel.

ASFMRA also uses this technology to offer the ASFMRA Best In Business Ethics class. Currently, no other courses are offered by ASFMRA using this technology because many state regulatory agencies do not allow the approval of webinars for CE credit.

Basic Webinar Information:
ASFMRA uses a program called Adobe Connect to deliver our webinars. Adobe connect will work on 97% of PCs in the world. It will not work on iPhones or iPads since it requires a program called Flash to run and Apple has decided not to allow Flash to run on these platforms for competitive reasons. The webinar audio is broadcast over the internet. Most people will have no problem receiving the audio that way. However, slower connections and some network configurations may make this impossible. It may be helpful to check your bandwidth prior to the meeting by clicking here. The minimum bandwidth required for the system is 256kbps. If you have trouble with the audio there will be a phone number you can call on the email you receive the afternoon before the offering.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before here are a few test you can run to make sure your system can run the webinar before hand.
1. You can test your connection.
2. Get a quick overview of Adobe Connect.

You will receive an email the afternoon before the webinar you are scheduled to attend. That email will have all of your log on information along with a copy of any material that will be available for the offering.

The day of your webinar, we ask that you sign in about 10 – 15 minutes early. That way if you have any problems getting in, you can call and someone in the Education Department can help you. When you get to the log in screen for your webinar you will sign in as a guest. Please use your full name. You do not need to create an account.

Please note that these webinars are not approved in any state, but they are good for ASFMRA credit. Most of the webinars the ASFMRA offers are about an hour long, aside from the Ethics webinar, and are not eligible for state credit.



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