ASFMRA Reference Guide

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Reference Guide

Welcome to the new digital ASFMRA Reference Guide. We hope you find the digital format much more convent and fresher than the previous annual printed versions. The general concept for the guide is to provide a one stop shop for many of the questions you may have about ASFMRA. The tool is designed for both seasoned members and rookies, for those who just were elected or appointed to a position and those who have been serving for some time. You will find information on our organizational structure, bylaws, policies, schedules, membership categories, designations, dues and much more. We hope you find it very useful. We are looking forward to your input on the reference guide. Please forward those comments ideas for improvement or content additions to Deanna Ilk at And thank you for being an active member of the ASFMRA!

General Information

Calendars and Schedules

Policies and Procedures and Bylaws

ASFMRA Annual Report

Contact Information and Lists