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ASFMRA is working on a variety of fronts on the development of online education.  Some are at the point of implementation others are still in the planning stage.  They include the development of:

  • Qualifying education for those seeking a Certified General Appraisal License — this program is in the early stage of implementation. See below for more details.
  • Online USPAP — this program is implemented.  See below for details
  • Webinars — this program is implemented. Follow this link for details.
  • Continuing education — this program is in the planning stage. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Qualifying Education Online


ASFMRA’s in partnership with the University of Missouri are offering online education!

The ASFMRA and the University of Missouri Department of Agricultural Economics have come together to offer appraisal education online. Not only can you get college education credit, you can also receive hours towards your appraisal license*.

We are currently offering Cost Approach for General Appraisers and we have an aggressive plan to develop most courses required for certified general license. These courses follow the university model of online education. That means that they are offered in the form of 8 lessons spread over eight weeks of study guided by an instructor. Each week there are a series of assignments that need to be completed but you are free to do those as time permits during that week. There are no lectures or exercises that require you to be online at a particular time during the week. The benefits of ASFMRA online courses for general appraiser licensure include:

  • The ASFMRA/MU education model uses the gold standard of online education – the university model of online education!
  • You can simultaneously earn college credit and licensure credit – no longer do you have to get your degree first and then take another 300 hours of course work, saving you time and money!
  • Get graduate credit or undergraduate credit!
  • ASFMRA and MU are working on developing both graduate and undergraduate certificate programs in appraisal. This program has not been approved and we cannot guarantee it will be but soon you may be able to receive a certificate in appraisal without working toward a degree.
  • These courses are approved by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) and the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC) and most state appraisal boards!
  • You do not need to take these courses for college credit, anyone can take the courses for licensure credit only!
  • All of our online instructors have completed IDECC’s CEDI instructor training program. So you know you are getting the best online instructors possible.

*Please note that some states do not approve online education. Please contact either your state or Deanna Ilk for more information about your state accepting online education.

Current Online Education Courses

Cost Approach for General Appraisers – Online

This course is specifically designed to meet the 30 hours required by the Appraiser Qualifications Board for Qualifying Education for General Certified Appraisers. The course covers topics such as underlying Cost Approach definitions and concepts. Extensive site or land valuation techniques are presented because of the importance of land in rural properties. Comparable sales analysis is included for contributory value of land classes, as well as paired sales techniques, derivation and sequence of adjustments, analysis of properties with multiple land types, reconciliation, and case studies. Depreciation analysis covers age-life, modified economic age-life and market derived depreciation to include all forms of depreciation including physical, functional and external obsolescence. These topics are discussed with relevance toward the sometimes unique aspects of rural property valuation. The concepts are reinforced through classroom discussion, drill problems and periodic diagnostic quizzes.

Please Note: This course is designed to follow Basic Appraisal Principles and Basic Appraisal Procedures. It is assumed the student has already gained the level of knowledge and understanding that is taught in the lower level classes.

Required Equipment & Textbooks: HP-12c, Hp-17bII or HP-19bII calculator; Appraisal of Rural Property, Second Edition

Optional Textbooks: Appraisal of Real Estate, Thirteenth Edition; Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, Fifth Edition

Contact Hours: 27 hours + 3 hour exam (exam must be proctored)

Course Timetable: one semester

AQB Licensure Requirement: Certified General (if your state accepts Qualifying Education Online.  Please check the list of approvals or contact Deanna Ilk)

Accreditation: This course is required for the ARA and the RPRA (Will accept either the classroom or online version)


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