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Journal of the ASFMRA

The Journal of the ASFMRA has long served the ASFMRA membership and agribusiness community by providing the most up-to-date studies, research, practices, and methodologies proposed by the leading academic, management, appraisal and consulting members of our professions.

The ASFMRA Editorial Committee strives to ensure that the articles contained in each issue of the Journal of the ASFMRA represent a good cross-section of what’s happening in the various agricultural professions. We are constantly searching for contributors of papers that discuss recent research projects, new and/or revised farm management practices, new and/or updated appraisal methodologies and techniques, review appraisal methods, and new and/or updated agricultural consulting practices. Our authors span a broad range from university professors and students to practicing appraisers, managers and consultants, with occasional papers from professionals outside of the agricultural community but with relevance and important information that can make a difference in what we say and do.

We would personally like to encourage you, if you’ve been involved in research projects or case studies, to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of us in the agricultural professions. We challenge you to join our highly acclaimed group of published authors by sharing your experiences and wisdom. If you have encountered an unusual problem or situation that required original and unique thinking to develop a workable solution, send us a manuscript to be reviewed for publication in the Journal of the ASFMRA.



Ag News

The ASFMRA Ag News provides the rural property expert the most up-to-date industry news and organization news. ASFMRA Members and Ag News subscribers received these Ag Publications on a weekly basis right in their email inbox. Read through a recent publication of the Ag News and subscribe to receive this ag publication.



Legislative Action News

The ASFMRA Legislative Action News provides the latest and most current legislative news affecting the ag industry. Coming straight from the Rural Property Land Experts this ag publication has the news you need in your ag industry.



Textbooks and Tools

Appraisal of Real Estate, Appraisal of Rural Property, Capitalization Theory and Techniques, Study Guide, Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal,Land Acre Scales,Land Measure Compass, Real Estate Valuation in Litigation, Sample Agricultural Property Management Plan, Sample Appraisal Report Package, Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions: Yellow Book, Valuation of Conservation Easements and Other Partial Interests Notebook, Wind Powered Electric Generators and Their Impact on Land Ownership Student Notebook. These are only a few of the ag publications, textbooks and tools available for purchase.



Bylaws and Governance

The member source for the National Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Manual, ASFMRA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice, the ASFMRA Articles of Incorporation, and links to USPAP.



Member Documents and Forms

Membership Benefits, Member Resources, Membership Documents, Survey Results, and helpful links are all listed here for your convenience.



FMRA News Archives

Through September 2009, ASFMRA published an ag publication called FMRA News. While this publication is no longer in print, lots of great information, news and history are available in these archives.