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ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue VIII – [April 15, 2014]

  • Survey Finds 5.4% Decline in Iowa Farmland Values
  • California agriculture has bright future, despite drought
  • California Land Prices Continue to Increase
  • Faster method to detect farm problems takes flight
  • Recognition of Long Standing Members
  • Welcome New Members
  • Suzanne Gruba is retiring!
  • News from The Appraisal Foundation
  • The Crucial Role of Women in Global Ag Development

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue VII – [April 1, 2014]

  • LandOwner Survey Finds Rising Caution Among Subscribers
  • Register Now for Eminent Domain
  • Farmland Values Settle, Grain Prices at Fault
  • EPA & Army Corps of Engineers Clarify Protection for Nation’s Streams & Wetlands
  • U.S. lists lesser prairie chicken as threatened species
  • Texas Land Values Report to be released on April 17
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Experts to Invade Tucson
  • How Much is Your Winery Worth Today?

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue VI – [March 25, 2014]

  • Though it will still be a painful decline
  • Microsoft to buy Texas wind energy
  • Website Down for Association Management Data Conversion
  • Official Notification – ASFMRA Nominations  – 2014-15
  • Fracking, UAVs, Dreams and Pistachios…What do these have in common?
  • How many appraisers are left?
  • Land Values Survey Invitation
  • Refer a Colleague
  • Communications Survey
  • Land Values Survey Invitation
  • News from The Appraisal Foundation

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue V – [March 11, 2014]

  • Profits promise to be widespread this year
  • Rabobank: Grain prices moderating
  • Outlook bright for dairy products
  • Report: Ethanol producers are making good profit
  • Official Notification – Policy & Procedure Manual Changes
  • Amendments to the ASFMRA Policy & Procedure Manual Approved by the Executive Council
  • New Commercial Greenhouse Appraisal Class
  • Welcome New Members
  • 2014 Illinois Land Values and Lease Trends Report Available
  • Testified in Court?
  • News from The Appraisal Foundation

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue IV – [February 25, 2014]

  • Has the appraisal profession just gone to pot?
  • Virtual Inspections
  • ASFMRA Land Professionals Look at Land Values
  • Markets aren’t as bullish as ’13
  • Rural Texans unite against water curtailment
  • Climatologist, Water Development Board see continued drought
  • Water Cleaning Technology Could Help Farmers
  • California water wars have taken many legal twists and turns
  • Time growing short for voluntary metering of Delta irrigation wells
  • Career Center
  • In Memory of Arnold Waldstein

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue III – [February 11, 2014]

  • Farm Land Market in Transition
  • Is There a Change Ahead for Commodity Prices? LandOwner Newsletter
  • At long last….the nation’s 17th farm bill - Kiplinger Agriculture Letter
  • Membership Benefits
  • Welcome New Members
  • Marketing & Communications Director
  • Annual Survey Results Show Strong Vibrant Organization
  • North Dakota Chapter Releases Annual Agricultural Land Price & Cash Rent Survey
  • Thank You for Education Foundation Donation
  • Drought concerns persist for agriculture this year
  • Career Center
  • Announcements from the Appraisal Foundation

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue II – [January 28, 2014]

  • Economist sees bumpy years ahead for U.S. Agriculture
  • Setback in Iowa Values, More Cooling Seen in Nebraska LandOwner Newsletter
  • Legalized marijuana a budding trend – Kiplinger Agriculture Letter
  • Market volatility drives demand for variable cash rents
  • YPN Leadership Team is off to a Great Start in 2014
  • ASFMRA Training in Denver Starts February 19
  • NRCS Improves Soils Data for Growing Customer Base
  • ARA/RPRA Application Deadline March 1, 2014
  • Honey bee decline continues grabbing national attention
  • Parching of Paso Robles & Report on farmland values leveling off
  • Career Center
  • Announcements from the Appraisal Foundation

ASFMRA Ag News – Vol. 9, Issue I – [January 14, 2014]

  • What’s Ahead for Land Values in 2014? LandOwner Newsletter
  • As Congress bears down on the farm bill – Kiplinger Agriculture Letter
  • What is the Real Issue? – Ferguson Ag Report
  • Verify Your Information for the 2014 ASFMRA Membership Directory
  • Accrual Accounting for Ag? Ferguson Ag Report
  • The ASFMRA Executive Council Needs Your Input – 2014 Membership Survey
  • ARA/RPRA Application Deadline March 1, 2014
  • Outlook Improves for U.S. Dairymen
  • Fend off California’s drought menace – The Press Enterprise
  • In Memory – Ronald G. Kettle, ARA and Robbin Peterson, ARA
  • Announcements from the Appraisal Foundation