7 Hour National USPAP Course (A114) Course Approval

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American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

7 Hour National USPAP Course (A114)

List of Current Appraisal Approvals

ASFMRA strives to ensure courses are approved in all states, but we cannot guarantee their approval. The information contained in our List of Current Approvals represents our most current and accurate information on the status of approvals. On rare occasions, states may change the status of a particular approval, and ASFMRA may or may not be made aware of these changes. To verify approval of an offering, please contact ASFMRA (Deanna Ilk) at 303.692.1222 or dilk@asfmra.org

Updated on: 10/6/2017
AK pending
AL pending C02262 
AR pending  
AZ accepts AQB approved USPAP Courses  
CA pending 15CP681301051 
CO pending  
CT pending AAL.000091 
DC pending 3197 
DE pending  
FL pending 9514 
GA pending 66229 
HI accepts credit for education if approved in state in which class is being held  
IA 7 hours CE A501-478 
ID pending  
IL pending 575.010019 
IN accepts AQB approved education  
KS pending 227.C.17.R
KY pending  
LA pending  
MA pending 110002 
MD 7 hours CE  
ME accepts AQB approved education  
MI pending 01700901 
MN pending 1019544 
MO pending  
MS pending MAB49816 
MT pending REA-CEC-REC-7412
NC pending 9016 
ND pending CE-215047S 
NE pending C21601 
NH pending  
NJ pending 2015-8079 
NM accepts AQB approved USPAP Courses  
NV pending CE.0008854-A 
NY pending 4451-07 
OH pending  
OK accepts AQB approved USPAP Courses 700
OR pending ASFR-C-1015-1877 
PA pending  
RI pending REA.0000736-CE 
SC pending CE1514 
SD pending SD 1121 CE 
TN pending 1892 
TX pending 29762 
UT pending AU150732 
VA pending  
VT pending  
WA pending AP3511 
WI accepted AQB approved education  
WV pending  
WY pending