Chapter Leadership

Our Chapter Leaders work hard to make our chapter the best it can be for all of our members and the clients they serve.  Contact them with any questions you may have about joining our chapter.   Statement from the chapter president or leaders?

Get to Know Your Chapter Leaders

Emily S. Lucke
President/Membership Committee Chair
Phone: (307) 251-7571
Madison Anderson
Vice President/Young Professionals Committee Chair
Phone: (307) 431-4380
Theo B. Hirshfeld
Immediate Past President
Phone: (307) 684-9556
Derek Gall
Secretary-Treasurer/Chapter Administrator
Phone: (307) 251-4148
John Colter King
Education CE Committee Chair-App
Phone: (307) 265-7908
David J. Bartlett, ARA
Government Relations Committee Chair-Appr
Phone: (307) 575-1122