OR Chapter | Google Earth and Excel: Tips and Tricks

When:  Jan 23, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Oregon Chapter of ASFMRA

If registering after 1/14/19, please contact Vicki Champ with your entree selection.

Unlock the Power of Google Earth

Learn incredibly useful techniques for all types of appraising (residential, commercial and agricultural). The free Google Earth program has countless applications for appraisers, which will be demonstrated during the seminar. You will learn to measure a variety of property components such as fields, orchards and improvements, view topography and slopes, and use the program to organize your comparable database. The seminar will also discuss how to optimize the program’s advanced settings for precision and faster navigation.

Digging Deeper: Linear Regression for Appraisers

Tired of having to guess your market conditions adjustment? Exhausted from combing through hundreds of MLS listings for paired sales? Unsure how to use linear regression in day-to-day appraisal practice? This seminar will walk through a practical application of linear regression (“Line of Best Fit”) in Excel, starting from the initial data export on local MLSs, sorting the data for outliers and paired sales, displaying charts, and understanding what the Excel formula actually means. Designed specifically for farm appraisers, this seminar will show the process using a dataset of recent local farm sales.

Excellence in the (Microsoft) Office: Tips and tricks for appraisal research and writing

Learn the nitty gritty of search & replace, shortcuts, sorting, formulas, linking, anchoring, and formatting to speed up your appraisal process. Create visually appealing graphs, charts, tables, and visual aids to display your appraisal conclusions. Participants will receive a handout with the formulas and tips discussed for easy implementation in their appraisal practice.

Observant appraisers may note the titles are similar to a recent Appraisal Institute seminar. The examples and content are catered to the farm appraisers’ work at this presentation, which means much of the material will be new. Additionally, this seminar will include a presentation about maximizing Excel and Word, with live demonstrations and time for audience questions.

Dinner and a chapter meeting to follow.

Registration Fee
$55 (includes buffet dinner)

Cancellation Fee
Full refund if canceled before January 15th. After January 15th there will be a $20 cancellation fee.

Please park in the back of the Hospitality Center and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor.

For More Information
Meeting: Vicki Champ | 503-910-5952 | vchamp@comcast.net
Registration: Deanna Ilk | 303-692-1222 | dilk@asfmra.org


Roth's Hospitality Center
1130 Wallace Road NW
Salem, OR 97304