ID-UT Chapter | Intro to Cannabis Operations & Valuation & Appraising Ag Land In Transition

Starts:  May 12, 2021 8:00 AM (MT)
Ends:  May 13, 2021 5:00 PM (MT)

Introduction to Cannabis Operations and Valuation Seminar | May 12 

It may not be legal in your state yet…..The Introduction to Cannabis Operations and Valuation seminar is designed to introduce students to basic terminology, processes, and methods of valuing a cannabis operation with emphasis on real property valuation.

Students will learn about the various legal and land use regulations pertaining to this unusual commodity (both State and Federal) and about the importance of a well-prepared and well-written Highest and Best Use analysis. Discussion will include the potential challenges and common pitfalls of valuing special use facilities with a focus on understanding key components and commonalities found in most cannabis operations.

The seminar will enable students to successfully identify and understand variations in growing methods and facilities associated with medicinal, recreational and industrial hemp; review actual construction costs for a well-prepared Replacement Cost New (RCN) analysis; and understand what analysis is necessary for the production of a credible and supported opinion of value.

Instructor: JoAnnWall ARA

Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition | May 13

Across North America, land is transitioning from traditional agricultural uses to alternative uses. Everyone is familiar with land being converted from agricultural to urban or suburban uses. This seminar explores new land uses that include wildlife and waterfowl production and habitat areas, public and private hunting preserves, fish production areas, recreational use of the land for hunting, fishing and trophy ranches as well as land that is responding to residential or commercial development pressure. Case studies from divergent areas of the country are presented in this seminar to demonstrate the various analytical skills and appraisal methodologies necessary to estimate market values for land that is moving to non-traditional uses. Analysis of property highest and best use becomes an important component in appraising transitional land. Class members will be exposed to several approaches to analyzing property highest and best potential uses. The case studies presented in this course are designed to assist appraisers, review appraisers and managers in dealing with valuation issues pertaining to land in transition from traditional agricultural uses.

Instructor: Jaxson Love, ARA 


Course Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing 
Introduction to Cannabis Operations and Valuation Seminar $150 $200
Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition $150 $200
Both  $250 $350

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations before April 29th will receive a full refund. After that date, partial refund. 

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College of Southern Idaho
HSHA Building Room 154
315 Falls Ave
Twin Falls, ID 83301