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Starts:  Aug 8, 2024 08:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Aug 9, 2024 05:00 PM (ET)

Appraising Agricultural Land in Transition

This course is a Highest and Best Use driven discussion exploring the multitude
of influences on rural properties and how those influences could affect the use of
a property, target market, and marketability of a property. Traditionally
agricultural or rural properties have been considered in transition when they are
moving away from traditional open space or rural uses entirely to a higher density
urban use such as residential or commercial. However, these are not the only
instances when a property could or should be considered in transition. The intent
of this course is to explore the variety of ways or instances when a property could
be transitioning. It’s meant to be an open discussion building on the experiences
of the participants and presenting new ways to view changes or transitions. It
also presents some methodologies to better determine or establish the true
Highest and Best Use of real property.

Contact Hours: 8
Instructors: Randall Kyles, ARA

Pricing: $200 OR $450 for Full Seminar Package

It is intended that the student attending this 4-hour course will become better equipped to handle and more familiar with the challenges of Appraising Rural Residential Properties in today’s environment. The student will learn what rural lenders and/or underwriters expect of the appraiser and how to better meet those expectations via presentation by the industry experts of a rapidly expanding non-conventional construction methods concluding with rural residential property examples. Best Business Practices overview highlights the emphasis is on the appraiser to do the right analysis.

Contact Hours: 4

Instructors: Randall Kyles, ARA

Pricing: $150 OR $450 for Full Seminar Package

This class will give a summary of how the Equivalency Ratios and the Equivalent Acres are used in day-to-day appraisal operations. Using the Real Estate Market to find, understand and analyze an important skill to have in your toolbox. Extracting the Ratios from the Market is the largest part of this class. Knowing how to adequately use these Equivalency Ratios will eliminate the need to calculate the Land Mix Adjustment.

Contact Hours: 4

Instructors: Randall Kyles, ARA

Pricing: $150 OR $450 for Full Seminar Package

All material will be provided digitally unless you have selected printed material during registration.  


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